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Shine Whitening Review

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PROS / There are many useful tools, like a moldable mouthpiece and shade guide, included in the set.

CONS / The results do not last very long.

 VERDICT / Shine Whitening gives your teeth a much whiter sheen than usual, but it is not especially comfortable or long-lasting.

Finding an affordable teeth whitener that makes your smile two shades whiter seems like a difficult task, but Shine Whitening is a serviceable way to accomplish this. It has the necessary tools to make your smile whiter for an event lasting a few hours or days, and it would be one of the best teeth whitening products if the results lasted longer.

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Initial results from Shine Whitening were promising. This at-home teeth whitening product had a nearly professional-level whitening outcome. Unfortunately, while the treatment took two weeks to complete, we found that the teeth lost their white shine within a few days.

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The kit comes with moldable trays, but they do not fit very snugly around the teeth. They loosened throughout the treatment, and in the final days the trays were no longer as strong or flexible.

The Shine Whitening gel did not leave any blisters or make the teeth more sensitive during or after treatment, but it did have an unpleasant taste. This disagreeable flavor remained in the mouth during the treatment and immediately after.

The whitening gel comes with most of the basic tools you need for optimal whitening results. There is a shade guide, moldable mouthpieces for your top and bottom teeth, and safe applicators with the allotted portions for each individual treatment set up for use. The only two important tools missing from this teeth whitening kit are a whitening light and whitening pen, both of which might be part of the reason for the treatment’s lack of longevity.

The company’s help services are solid but not spectacular. There is no help phone number or customer email for immediate assistance. However, the manufacturer’s site has a FAQs section with helpful suggestions on how to effectively use the treatment. Shine also has a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. There are plenty of useful instructions in print on the site and in videos on the company’s YouTube channel.


Shine Whitening may not have the long-term impact of some other teeth whiteners, but it still makes enough of a difference to provide you with an impressive quick fix for a dingy smile. If you have a few weeks to work on getting a whiter smile than many other products will give you over roughly the same time, then Shine Whitening is a serviceable product to consider.

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