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The best central air conditioners keep your home comfortable, even on the hottest summer days, year after year using very little energy and making very little noise. All the top-rated units in our review do that, but Lennox central air conditioners offer much more. They are advanced, feature-filled air conditioners with many advantages over basic units, not the least of which is their energy efficiency ratings. These units have SEER ratings ranging between 13 and 26, making them the most efficient in our review.

Many factors go into efficiency that are beyond the control of specific air conditioning units, but if everything is configured correctly, you can expect to get a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) performance rating of up to 25 from Lennox's top model. This is one of the highest SEER ratings you will find on a central air conditioner anywhere. The solar-ready options and smartphone-enabled technology add even more to the efficiency of this unit.

Part of the equation for Lennox units' excellent efficiency is a compressor that runs at several different speeds. Earlier air conditioners had one-stage compressors, so the unit was either fully on or fully off. Some units offer two-stage compressors that at least give you two levels of intensity and energy usage to choose from. Lennox air conditioners have many more than two. They adjust in tiny output increments – as small as 1 percent – so your AC is just using the minimum energy necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Some Lennox air conditioners save you both money and energy when you use them in conjunction with the iComfort Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat, which allows you to program the right temperature for your home. With this thermostat in place, you can turn on the air conditioning on your way home so that everything will be nice and cool when you arrive. You can also turn it off from your smartphone – from anywhere – so you do not waste energy cooling an empty house if you forget to turn it off when you leave.

These central air conditioners are worlds away from that '80s unit that may be rattling away in your yard now. Their sound levels can be as low as 59 dB. That is like the sound of normal conversational speech, much quieter than units of the past. Even a pop-up toaster creates 80 dB of sound.

These central AC units are designed to handle all types of outdoor conditions. They're built from galvanized steel and feature a zinc-coated, steel base. One highlight of this design is its SmartHinge louver feature. This allows you to easily enter the interior of the AC to access its parts from every single side. This design feature makes maintenance less of a dreaded chore.

A 10-year limited warranty comes with this system. This warranty covers the compressor and other components. That's perfectly fine compared to other central air conditioning units, although some do have lifetime warranties.


Lennox's high-quality central air conditioner units are great choices for keeping your home comfortable. The SEER rating is high and the decibel level low. They are constructed of quality materials and backed by a good warranty. The extras and smartphone compatibility make these central AC units stand out from the pack.