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Frigidaire Review

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The best air conditioners brands must continue to innovate to stay at the top of the industry. Frigidaire stands out in our review of the best central air conditioning units. We considered seasonal energy efficient ratio, or SEER, a major factor in our comparison. Frigidaire’s central air unites have a SEER rating of up to 20. Which isn’t the highest SEER rating in our review but still trumps any units from the previous generation.

Frigidaire air conditioning systems run a little differently than many competitors. Two-stage compressors are helpful because they do not abruptly turn on or off but instead run at high or low speeds. Frigidaire units take it one step further. They use inverter-rotary technology that works continuously to even out the cooling requirements of your home. This makes Frigidaire units very energy efficient because they only use what they need.

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The ability to run at many different levels offers benefits beyond energy efficiency. This ability makes these units excellent at maintaining a desirable humidity level in your living areas. You can feel the air get sticky with moisture between on and off cycles when you use air conditioners with one or two levels. With these units, you will not experience that.

Frigidaire units are extremely quiet air conditioners. They feature sound levels as low as 57 decibels, which makes the some of the quietest central AC units available. A normal conversation registers about 60 decibels, so you could conceivably talk to a neighbor near this unit, while it is running, and it won't be a discussion about your rattling air conditioner. Other units, especially older ones, produce much more sound.

These units stand out in good ways for design elements. They’re built to stand up to the abuse that all outdoor equipment must endure – wind, rain and much more. Their outsides are finished with a protective polyurethane finish that was proven with a 950-hour salt spray test. This should keep corrosion at a minimum, and that can really matter since most people own their air conditioners for many years. Frigidaire units are also compact so you do not have to completely rework your landscape to find room.

A 10-year parts warranty is included with these central air conditioning systems. If the compressor fails within those 10 years, Frigidaire’s 10-year Comfort Quality Pledge states that the company will replace the entire unit. We saw lifetime warranties on some air conditioning units, but 10 years is still quite respectable. Frigidaire's online resources for customers are decent, but we found other manufacturers offered a little more.


Frigidaire central air conditioners have low noise output and highly energy-efficient features that can help you save on your electrical bill. Their design is excellent and offer the potential for high SEER levels when combined with the right components. Frigidaire units provide the powerful results and the high performance we look for in the best air conditioning units.

Frigidaire Compare Quotes