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Rheem Prestige Series RASL-JEC Review

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PROS / The on-demand dehumidification feature is great for moist climates.

CONS / Its SEER performance is not as good as most in our lineup.

 VERDICT / Its contemporary competitors in our review outshine it, but the Rheem Prestige Series easily tops older units in quality and efficiency.

Air conditioners in the Rheem Prestige Series provide energy-efficient features and a durable design that can handle all of the weather's harshness while perfecting your indoor conditions. This cooling device features a SEER rating of up to 17 and a diagnostics system that helps ensure it is working at its best. The SEER performance is not as good as most of the air conditioning units' ratings on our lineup, though it is a huge improvement over many older generations of air conditioners.

Rheem Prestige Series RASL-JEC Compare Quotes

The Rheem Prestige Series air conditioner controls its airflow to ensure you are comfortable and free from unwanted moisture that can produce mold. This central air conditioner has an on-demand dehumidification feature with a two-stage compressor, which is better than the old one-stage units but not as effective as some modern units, which have more than two stages.

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One of the advantages to this home air conditioner is its Comfort Control2 System. This system provides 32 onboard diagnostics and fault history codes to help detect any problems that arise. If it finds any serious problems, it sends an alert to the thermostat to let you know.

A louvered jacket protects the coils of the air conditioner from any destructive elements. The unit is made from galvanized steel, which helps it withstand harsh conditions and last a long time. The top grille is removable, allowing you to access the interior parts for maintenance. You can remove one service panel for even more access to the interior. The grille is also designed to protect the central air conditioning unit from any moisture, such as rain or snow, which would otherwise cause extensive damage.

In case serious problems do arise, a 10-year unit replacement warranty and a 10-year parts warranty are in place. A lifetime unit warranty would be ideal, but the 10-year warranty is adequate.


The Rheem Prestige Series is a central air conditioning unit with good features. It has the second-lowest SEER rating in our comparison, but that is likely much better than the SEER rating of the old model you are replacing. The design is superb, protecting it from any outside conditions and allowing you to easily access the interior for maintenance. Additionally, this central air conditioner has a strong compressor to ensure that you enjoy cool comfort all summer long.

Rheem Prestige Series RASL-JEC Compare Quotes