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Trane XV20i Review

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PROS / You will be able to control this unit with your smartphone.

CONS / This air conditioner does not come with a lifetime warranty.

 VERDICT / The Trane XV20i represents an excellent overall value, especially with its humidity and sound control features.

The Trane XV20i, our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner, is one of the best central air conditioners for providing high performance and maintaining cool temperatures no matter what the weather is like outside. This central air conditioning system is an environmentally friendly unit with a durable design that can handle all types of weather conditions. Its base pan isn't insulated, but this quiet air conditioner has a host of advanced features to recommend it.

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This air conditioning system might be a good fit if you live in a humid climate. With its TruComfort features, this unit is designed to reduce humidity by having longer run times at lower speeds so it is working to remove moisture consistently. Older air conditioners often shut all the way off, leaving a big window of time for the air to get sticky again before kicking back on.

The Trane XV20i provides 22 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) performance. The higher the SEER number, the more energy efficient the AC unit is, and a 22 ratio will save you money on your electrical bills. We saw some air conditioners with higher SEER ratings, but not by much, and this dramatically trumps air conditioners from previous generations, which do not even make it into the double digits for SEER.

This air conditioner has an aluminum coil design that incorporates fins, which can help enhance airflow and resist corrosion and leaks better than the copper coils of the past. It uses R-410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm to the ozone layer.

This Trane air conditioning system features ComfortLink II communicating technology. This technology, when used with communicating indoor units, will connect, configure and calibrate the equipment to ensure that you have the highest performance possible and even allow you to control temperatures from your smartphone. However, a monthly subscription is required to enjoy some advanced features.


This is a very quiet air conditioner when compared to others. It tied for the lowest sound output in our central air conditioning unit reviews at just 55 decibels. If you are replacing an old unit that has been rattling around in your yard, it will be a welcome change.

The base pan is not insulated but does feature many design elements that will help it to resist corrosion. Since you generally keep air conditioning units for decades it is nice to know this one is designed with a base pan that will resist cracking, rusting and warping. Since the sound level is remarkably low the lack of an insulated base pan has clearly not been a major miss for this air conditioner. Its other features combine to prevent an unpleasant racket.


A WeatherGuard top is featured on this device, which means an added layer of protection to ensure that nothing finds its way into the interior of the device to cause problems. It also features WeatherGuard fasteners to ensure extra protection for the interior of the device. Additionally, louvered panels and a Dura-Tuff rust-proof base are featured on this air conditioner. These increase the device's durability and help it withstand all types of weather conditions.

This unit is a little large, at least in terms of height. Even the smallest unit in the series – the 2-ton AC unit – is the tallest in our comparison at 48 inches, but it probably won't become an eyesore unless your home has windows that are low to the ground.

Help & Support

There is a 10-year warranty on this unit's compressor. There is also a 10-year warranty on the outdoor coil as well as the other internal parts. This is shorter than the lifetime warranty some units offer, but 10 years is standard across the industry. The Trane website is well-organized and information-packed to help you make an informed decision.


The Trane XV20i has many standout features, including a durable, protected design and communicating technology, which makes it possible to control your entire heating and cooling system from your smartphone, from anywhere. The addition of a lifetime warranty would make it even better, but overall, the Trane XV20i is a strong choice that is worth your consideration. This is an exceptionally good choice for keeping both humidity and sound in check, and the energy efficiency is the second best in our comparison. That is sure to give you a nice discount on your energy bills for many years into the future.

Trane XV20i Compare Quotes