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Amana AER5630 Review

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PROS / This Amana has advanced features, like an expandable burner and self-clean cycle, found on high-end models but at a far lower price.

CONS / It doesn’t have a convection oven.

 VERDICT / If you want an electric range with a glass stovetop but don't want to spend much, this model is a good candidate. Other than convection cooking, there are no significantly helpful features missing from this Amana model.

The Amana AER5630 holds four burners on its flat ceramic glass cooktop. On the electric stovetop, there are two 6-inch burners, an 8-inch burner and one expandable burner placed in the left front. This expandable burner grows from a standard 6-inch element, producing up to 1,400 watts, to 9 inches using up to 3,000 watts. While there's no designated power boil element, the power behind the 9-inch element is enough to boil large pots of water or stock quickly.

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The expandable burner sits closest to you, so you don't have to worry about reaching over other hot cookware to grab large, heavy heated pots. The standard 6-inch burners produce up to 1,200 watts and the one 8-inch burner has a power output of up to 1,800 watts. Be careful when you use cast iron, aluminum or copper cookware. These materials can scratch the glass surface if you drag them across the stovetop.

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    4 Burners
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    4.67 Burners

This electric range comes with a black ceramic cooktop, regardless of the finish color. This Amana model is available in the standard black, white and stainless steel finishes. It fits standard dimensions and weight for similar electric ranges, weighing 165 pounds and standing at 47.75 inches tall, 29.87 inches wide and 25.75 inches deep.

The oven capacity in this model is one of the smallest on the lineup but produces an impressive amount of power for its size. The oven can hold up to 4.8 cubic feet inside. The low capacity makes this oven a good fit for smaller families or infrequent cooks. The thermal heat produced by ovens like this Amana model doesn't always heat food thoroughly. However, the oven's low capacity traps the heat in a smaller, more concentrated area. This model lacks a convection feature, a style of cooking that uses circulated heat to cook food. Ovens with this feature tend to consume the most energy and bake food at the highest temperature. For this thermal model, the bake wattage reaches 2,400 watts and 3,400 while broiling.

The self-cleaning cycle lasts between 2.5 hours for minimal messes and up to 4.5 hours for serious spills. Depending on the mess you're up against, you can program the self-clean duration by 15-minute intervals between these limits. While you wait, the digital display shows how long you have left in the cycle. Once the cycle is finished, you can remove the ash of the food stains with a damp cloth.

In terms of user convenience, this electric range is missing some features seen in higher ranked models. However, this doesn't mean this Amana model is hard to use. It's missing a Sabbath mode and convenience settings. This only means you can’t cook frozen food like pizza or chicken nuggets with preset times. Sabbath mode is used to warm or cook food for up to 12 hours. Other than these features, the Amana AER5630 has the typical conveniences you expect to find in a small electric range. This model sports a digital clock, timer, preheat tone, heat indicator lights and a door lock for safety.

If you need assistance with this model, there are several forms of support online and over the phone. If you lose the original literature for this range, you can find the use and care guide, dimension guide, installation instructions, and specs sheets on the Amana website. The website also provides support in the form of FAQs, email and phone lines.


The Amana AER5630 is a standard electric range with all the essential features. Its 4.8 cubic foot oven can hold an impressive amount of food while the expandable element can accommodate large and small cookware. However, this is a thermal oven without a convection fan, Sabbath mode or any convenience settings.

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