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Maytag MER8700 Review

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PROS / This model has a large cooking capacity, having five burners with one expandable element and a 6.2 cubic foot oven.

CONS / It's missing some typically standard features like a preheat alarm.

 VERDICT / The huge oven, multiple burners and easy-clean features make this model a good fit for large families.

The Maytag MER8700 is a top pick for many large families. Its huge oven and powerful baking and broiling elements make it a good electric range for frequent bakers. The electric oven can produce up to 3,600 watts from its bake and broil elements. This is unusual because there is often a significant power difference between the two. The oven on this electric range has a 6.2 cubic foot capacity, easily big enough to fit several large dishes. When you have guests for dinner, you can arrange the oven racks in seven different positions to accommodate for a crowded oven.

The stovetop on this oven has four standard burners with one expandable element. This feature allows you to expand the small 6-inch element on the front left side of the stove to a 9-inch burner. This gives you room for large pieces of cookware to heat simultaneously. The two largest elements sit at the front of the electric stove, so you don't have to reach over any hot areas to pick up large pots or pans. There are three 6-inch burners aligned along the back of the electric stove. While there's no power boil feature, this stove can produce up to 3,000 watts.

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The powerful convection fan inside the oven circulates hot air produced by the electric elements. The moving air doesn't produce higher temperatures, but rather it raises the intensity of the heat. Compare a cold day to a windy day of the same temperature. Hot moving air inside the oven eliminates cold pockets in the chamber, so your food cooks faster and more thoroughly than in ovens without convection heating.

  1. This represents the number of individual heated elements on the stovetop.
    More is better.
  2. 6 Maytag MER8700
    5 Burners
  3. 5 Burners
  4. 5 Burners
  5. 5 Burners
  6. Category Average
    4.67 Burners

This Maytag model has a unique self-cleaning feature that doesn't use high temperatures. Most self-clean cycles on electric ranges heat the oven chamber to soaring temperatures reaching up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Maytag uses a special oven coating called AquaLift to keep food soils from attaching to the oven walls and floor. To clean, pour water into the oven, close oven door then activate the 40-minute cleaning cycle. Once the cycle completes, remove the remaining water and wipe the soils off.

This electric range has plenty of useful features, but it is missing some industry standard features such as a preheat tone and an automatic shut off. This means you have to pay close attention to this oven's timer or gauge time yourself.


This range is well suited for large families. It has two large burners in the front, an expandable burner that grows to 9 inches and a standard 10-inch element. The oven is massive with a capacity of 6.2 cubic feet. Inside the oven, there is a powerful convection fan and an easy-clean coating. While the Maytag MER8700 has some cool features, it's missing some standard features like a preheat tone and an auto shut off.

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