Pros / This induction cooktop senses the size of your pan and adjusts the heat accordingly.

Cons / The plug on the electrical cord is not the three-pronged grounded type.

 Verdict / This good-looking and easy-to-use induction hot plate performs well at high and low temperatures and gives you a number of solid safety features.

If you like attractive and "smart" appliances, the Secura Duxtop Induction Cooktop Model 8100MC can no doubt fit the bill. This is a reliable and easy-to-use induction hot plate. Our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner has a glossy black cooktop that features either silver- or gold-colored controls on the front. The dual-ring cooking area senses the size of the pan you are using and adjusts the heat accordingly so you get even heating.

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  • Browning Score
  • Number of Power Settings
  • Wattage
  1. How evenly each hot plate cooked basic crepes.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 3  Secura
    80.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 80.0 %
  5. Category Average
    72.27 %


This electric hot plate works fast. In our testing, it brought water to a rolling boil in only six minutes and 42 seconds. It also tested nicely when we used a low temperature to melt 4 ounces of chocolate chips in a bowl over warm water. As anyone who has had a disastrous chocolate-melting experience knows, using too-high heat is rough on chocolate, and you end up with a thick, lumpy and unappetizing clump. With the Secura Duxtop, it took 14 minutes and 5 seconds to melt the chocolate, and it was smooth and creamy with a great taste.

A third test making crepes also turned out well. We used standard crepe batter and nonstick spray in a pan. The result was a crepe with a light, somewhat delicate color that showed even, although light, browning over the entire surface. The crepe was fully cooked and displayed evidence of even heating.


As with all induction cooktops, it is important to learn how yours works and how to adjust the temperature settings to get the results you want. All it takes is a little effort and you will quickly master cooking with any induction cooktop, including the Secura Duxtop.

This eye-catching hot plate offers 10 temperature settings ranging from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit and 10 power levels from 1,200 to 1,800 watts you control through a digital panel and LED display.

This induction cooktop comes with a countdown digital timer that measures time in five-minute increments. You can set it for up to 170 minutes before it stops.

Safety & Warranty

There are plenty of safety features built into this appliance. If the device senses that you don’t have a pan on it, the machine shuts off in 60 seconds. You also receive warnings if the voltage is low or high, and you can see diagnostic errors. The nonskid plastic feet secure this hot plate nicely so you do not have to worry if anyone accidentally bumps it.


This solid electric hot plate weighs in at 9 pounds. That is the heaviest in our hot plate reviews, so it isn’t the easiest one to travel with. It measures 13 inches long, 11.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches high. The heating surface is 8 inches in diameter. The electrical cord is 57 inches long, which should give you a lot flexibility for placement in a kitchen or hotel room.


The Secura Duxtop is the heaviest hot plate we considered so this is not the best candidate for travel. However, with its handy digital controls, even heating and varied temperature and power levels, the Secura Duxtop is a fine choice if you are in the market for an induction hot plate.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Type of Heating
Heating Surface Diameter (inches)
Cord Length


Time to Boil Water (minutes)
Browning Score
Temperature Range (Fahrenheit)
140 to 460

Safety & Warranty

1 Year
Safety Lock
Automatic Shut Off
Nonskid Feet


Number of Power Settings
Power Button
Digital Control Panel