Which Slide-In Range Is Best for Your Home?

Slide-in ranges are elegant and multifunctional appliances that not only lend a custom-designed air to your kitchen but also give you multiple options for whipping up gourmet delights for guests, tasty fare for everyday meals and fabulous feasts for holidays. These ranges are designed to sit flush with your countertops and fit neatly between them. Typically, the cooktop of these ranges extends just a bit over the top of each side to keep crumbs from falling between your stove and the cupboard, an unpleasant bit of business that could detract from your kitchen's cleanliness. Aesthetics are a key element for many consumers who seek slide-in ranges.

What Is Important in Selecting a Slide-In Range?

The cooktop and oven capabilities, as the primary functions of any stove, merit special attention in a slide-in range, since these particular types of stoves present many more options than a standard stove. With a nicely multifunctional slide-in range, you can easily prepare different types of foods at different temperatures simultaneously. For example, the stovetops on some excellent slide-in ranges give you several heating elements that you can set to different temperatures so that different pans heat to the correct temperature for whatever ingredients you are cooking.

One important factor is how versatile a range's oven is. Some great slide-in ranges give you dual heating, which means the cake you just popped inside will be baked from the top and bottom. Some standard ovens emit heat only from the bottom, which is the traditional method and still works well. You should also look at such things as how many oven racks are included, how many different slots you can position them into, and whether you get such extras as a warming drawer or storage compartment.

What Else Should You Look for in a Slide-In Range?

A good-sized oven window lets you see how well the cookies or that Thanksgiving turkey are doing as they bake. Another important feature for some consumers is a Sabbath mode to keep foods hot, but in a safe fashion for people who observe Jewish dietary laws and traditions. Even if you do not keep kosher, having a timed cooking and warming capability can be quite useful for any household.

Slide-in ranges also vary in the heating sources they use, the configuration of their stovetops, the way the ovens operate and the amenities they come with. If you appreciate some of the characteristics of slide-in ranges but have strong a strong preference for one heating source versus another, take a look at our electric range review and our gas ranges review.

Features & Maintenance

Electric Slide-In Ranges: Features & Maintenance

Some electric slide-in ranges feature smooth, gleaming ceramic glass tops with four or five heating elements of differing sizes, which is a real boon when you are cooking several different foods in different sizes of pans. Some also come with a heating bridge built into the stovetop, an oval area connecting two burners that heats up and can function as a griddle.

You will want to be mindful of the kinds of pots and pans you use on your cooktop, especially if you opt for the ceramic glass variety. Ceramic, glass and earthenware cooking containers can scratch the surface, as can cast-iron pans. Generally, manufacturers recommend flat-bottomed pans that fit the size of the burner and woks that do not have stands.

These are sturdy and versatile kitchen appliances that look beautiful and offer even heat on gleaming stovetops. Many cooks enjoy using these and also appreciate the sleek and sophisticated touch they give to any kitchen. However, since their appearance is an important part of their appeal, cleaning the cooktop properly is important. In these cases, the online manual provided by the manufacturer is your friend, since it explains what to do and what to avoid to keep your stunning new stove looking great.

You can inadvertently mar the gorgeous, glossy look of a ceramic glass stovetop by using abrasive commercial cleaning products or souring the surface harshly with a rough pad. In general, manufacturers recommend specially made cleaning solutions to clear away grease and burned-on food products and then gently wiping it with a soft cloth. Sometimes you can use a sharp razor blade to softly scratch under a lump of burned-on material. Some slide-in ranges come with a cooktop scraper for this.

Gas Slide-In Ranges: Features & Maintenance

Gas slide-in ranges employ grid-style burners and actual flames, which many professional chefs favor because they insist gas flames give them greater heat precision for cooking.

Some slide-in ranges offer a griddle or combination flat griddle/grill device that you can place onto the stovetop. These can come in handy on many occasions. In case you have plenty of weekend houseguests, you can do everything at once: fry bacon in one pan, heat hash browns in another, scramble eggs in a skillet, whip up oatmeal in saucepan and still have pancakes turning golden brown on the griddle. When your guests are ready to eat, everything will be hot and ready at the same time with nothing burned or undercooked. If you have a combination griddle/grill, you simply turn the flat side over so the grill side is up to put those appealing grill stripes on meats and gourmet sandwiches.

Slide-in ranges with gas cooktops typically have cast-iron grids on top that you can remove and clean without worrying about damaging them. However, the underlying area is another story, and you do not want to ruin that surface, since it may be an attractive brushed stainless steel or porcelain-coated steel that you could ruin with aggressive scrubbing. Again, many manufacturers recommend particular cleaning solutions for that part of the cooktop surface. It's best to avoid steel wool pads, any strong powdered or liquid cleaners, and scouring pads. Instead, it's best to use mild soap and water and a sponge or soft cloth.

Our Suggestions: Which Slide-In Range Would Suit Your Needs?

The slide-in ranges on our product lineup can work very well indeed in any kind of kitchen. They are all excellent products made by reputable manufacturers. However, each is slightly different from the others. Some would suit certain types of cooks and households better than others.

Cooking is a highly personal activity, and the old saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home often is quite true. Your personal tastes, interests and aesthetics might show a decided preference for one of these fine slide-in ranges, but for a different purpose than we have outlined. Whichever choice you make, we have chosen these particular kitchen appliances to give you a generous and varied selection of slide-in stoves to consider for your kitchen.

Best for Multipurpose Gourmet Cooking: Samsung / LG

An exceptional slide-in range, the Samsung NE58F9710WS, gives you Flex Duo temperature control capability and an oven divider that essentially transforms your slide-in range into two ovens. With these features, you can bake a pan of lasagna at one temperature on one level in the oven and a round loaf of sourdough bread at another temperature on a rack just below it. Although the oven is one of this slide-in range’s key features, it also presents a sleek ceramic cooktop with four cooking elements and a fifth burner that keeps food hot while other items are still being prepared.

The attractive LG LSE4611ST also offers you some great baking, roasting and broiling capabilities inside its enormous oven, which measures 6.3 cubic feet. This flexible range also uses trademarked ProBake Convection baking capabilities, which means the heating element is not located on the bottom of the oven, which is often the case, but instead is in the oven’s back wall. The hot air is distributed throughout the oven, which means meats, pastries, soufflés, casseroles and other foods all cook evenly. No matter how many people you’re feeding, this oven can do the job. In addition, the LG has a black ceramic glass stovetop that presents four cooking burners, with one that expands if needed, and a fifth area for keeping cooked foods warm.

Best for Large Families or Entertaining Big Groups: GE Profile / Whirlpool

The Whirlpool WEE74H0FS has a ceramic cooktop and an enormous oven. The oven for this slide-in range measures 6.4 cubic feet and offers seven oven rack positions, so you can adjust the racks to fit whatever tall, midsize or short baking dishes or roasting pans you are using. The Whirlpool has an extremely large oven window, so you can see how your meals are faring as they cook. With this, you get the benefit of five stovetop burners, including a warming burner and two that you can expand in size. This range is also equipped with convenient functions that make oven cooking and baking a breeze: a frozen bake capability so you do not have to preheat frozen foods combined with a convection conversion function that determines cooking times and temperatures.

If cooking with gas is your favorite way to whip up meals for a big group, the GE Profile P2S920SEFSS is a good choice, as it gives a great deal of flexibility for choosing a menu and getting it ready for the table, especially considering its generous 5.9-cubic-foot convection oven and useful warming drawer. The GE’s stovetop gives you a five-burner gas grill made of iron grates. You can adjust the flames for each pan on the stove. What’s more, you can put a reversible griddle/grill device onto the center of this stovetop so you can easily make a pile of flapjacks for breakfast and then flip it over to sear some great grill marks on paninis a short time later.

Best for Singles, Couples & Small Families: Kenmore / Frigidaire / Samsung NX

If you are just getting started in a hectic career, tending to little ones or doing both at the same time, you probably will not be cooking for large groups often. However, if you love good food and enjoy being in the kitchen, you undoubtedly want a good-quality slide-in range so you can have fun with food and prepare nutritious meals, but you probably would appreciate something that is budget-friendly. Here are some slide-in ranges that might be just exactly what you are seeking.

The Frigidaire FGES3065PW is an affordable slide-in range with a ceramic five-burner cooktop. Two of the burners can expand in the size of their heating areas, and another one keeps food warm without cooking it further. The controls are conveniently located on the front of the stovetop, so you do not have to reach across hot burners to adjust anything. This electric slide-in range has a Sabbath mode that keeps your food hot if you observe Jewish dietary laws; for people who do not follow these traditions, the timed heating capabilities can still be helpful, especially if your family’s schedules vary a great deal.

The Kenmore 42539 is a slide-in range that's easy to clean and use, with a ceramic cooktop that gives you four burners, two of which can expand in heating area. You get push-button electronic oven controls with straightforward instructions on how to work them. This electric slide-in range comes with the safety measure of an oven lock in case you have curious youngsters who could get hurt. The bake element is hidden under the oven floor, so wiping any spills is a breeze, and the storage drawer holds pots, pans and various cooking tools so they don't take up precious cupboard space.

The Samsung NX58K9500WG/AA offers a five-burner gas cooktop and a generously sized convection oven of 5.8 cubic feet, with plenty of useful features to suit a small family’s needs. The cooktop provides an oval central heating area that you can use for big pots and pans, or you can place the oval griddle that comes with this slide-in range on it. The griddle has a flat surface on one side and a ridged surface on the other, so you can enjoy heating tortillas and crepes on one surface, then make beautiful sear marks on meats and sandwiches with the other. The stovetop also has a grate designed to handle a round-bottom wok, so if your family loves Asian foods, this range would be a great choice.

Best for All-Purpose Cooking: Bosch / Kenmore Elite / GE

The Bosch HEIPO54U electric slide-in range includes five burners of varying sizes: one that can expand from 6 to 9 or 12 inches, two 6-inch burners, one 9.5-inch burner, and a heated area for food that has been cooked and simply needs to stay warm. The Bosch gives you a 4.6-cubic-foot oven with seven rack positions, offering plenty of flexibility, and a helpful warming drawer as well as a temperature probe to make sure food has been cooked to safe and correct temperatures.

Cooks who love to get a removable griddle for their gas slide-in range might want to consider an electric slide-in range after seeing the bridge zone atop the GE JS750EFES. This ceramic cooktop includes an oval bridge that connects two burners and serves as a griddle. Another burner has a heating area that expands from 6 to 12 inches, and there are two more 8-inch burners. The 4.4-cubic-foot convection oven gives you seven oven rack positions so you can arrange them as you want to suit the cookware you are using.

The Kenmore Elite 32623 is a great gas slide-in range that lets you adjust the burner flame to get just the right amount of heat for what you're cooking. This slide-in stove includes sturdy iron grates that cover the entire top of the appliance. It comes with four gas burners, including one dual-ring burner that can heat up quickly, which will certainly help if you’re making something in a hurry. You also get a nicely sized oven of 4.5 cubic feet that permits you to move the three oven racks to four different slots to handle different baking or roasting containers.

We have chosen first-rate slide-in ranges based on their stovetop capabilities, various oven features, additional amenities and more. With plenty of helpful data on hand, you can find a slide-in range that works for your family and is attractive, yet unobtrusive enough in your kitchen to make it look as if the place was designed exactly for that stove.

Contributing Reviewer: Linda Thomson