The GE Profile P2S920SEFSS slide-in range gives you the best of both worlds with its multipurpose cooktop. This slide-in gas range has a five-burner grill covered with cast-iron grates that lets you adjust the flame just the way you want, as well as a reversible stovetop griddle/grill that lets you make pancakes and then flip it to make panini sandwiches.

This attractive stainless steel range sports two black, removable cast-iron grates measuring 10 x 20 inches that extend over the stovetop and the five gas-powered heating elements. You can use four burners for regular cooking. The fifth is designed to be somewhat less powerful and is intended for foods that need to be warmed gently and slowly, such as hollandaise sauce or chocolate fondue. One cooking burner is extra-large with three gas-heating levels and plenty of power. It offers a variety of uses and is especially helpful when you need to bring a liquid to a rapid boil.

Best of all, this slide-in range gives you a reversible griddle/grill combination that fits into an oval area in the center of the stovetop. You can heat tortillas, fry eggs or make batches of French toast on one side. On the other, you can get the beautiful grill stripes on sandwiches and let excess fat drip off meats such as salmon, steaks and bratwursts. There is no need to clutter your kitchen counter space with an extra grilling appliance, and you do not need a flat griddle pan with this slide-in stove, as these things are built in and ready to go. Once the grates have cooled, you can remove them for cleaning in the dishwasher. You can also use the oval burner by itself with other types of cookware that fits correctly, such as large oval pans or stovetop casserole containers.

The electrically powered oven is a good size at 5.9 cubic feet. Inside, you get three oven racks and six positions where you can put them. The oven's convection heating capabilities let you bake, broil and roast to your heart's content. You can also keep foods hot in a lower warming drawer, which is helpful if you are serving a number of dishes and need to cook some ahead of time.

This slide-in range comes with a temperature probe so you can be sure foods have reached safe temperatures. The oven's heating element is hidden under a smooth floor, and the oven locks to keep children safe. It also offers an automatic shut-off function to ensure it never stays on too long. You also get a timer so you can keep foods warm for extended times, which is helpful for any cook and is especially important for people who observe Jewish dietary laws and traditions. However, the oven window is not especially large, which would certainly help home cooks, because it always helps to see how those pie crusts are browning.

The GE Profile P2S920SEFSS is a terrific slide-in range with enough features to keep the most ambitious home cook happy. It comes with a big convection oven, a handy warming drawer and an exceptionally versatile cooktop.

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