The rich black Kenmore 42539 is equipped with four burners on its cooktop, which is made of glossy ceramic glass. Two of them measure six inches and the other two can be expanded in size from six inches up to nine. The expandable burners offer you flexibility as far as which pans and heat levels you might want for cooking particular dishes.

You also get an oven with a healthy, but not exceptionally large amount of space: 4.6 cubic feet. This is good-sized enough to get plenty of baking, roasting, broiling and more accomplished to feed your family. Unfortunately, there are only two ovens racks that come with this slide-in stove and you get only four rack positions. That is substantially less than the best slide-in ranges, but is still plenty when it comes to all the things you can prepare to feed hungry guests or your family members. The window on this oven is quite large so you can see everything cooking inside.

The oven is equipped with an auto shut-off function that turns your oven off after 12-hours. You also get an oven lock for safety's sake, a kitchen timer and a hidden bake element under the oven bottom, which makes cleaning up spills quick and easy. The oven on this slide-in range does not come with a Sabbath mode that assists people who adhere to Jewish dietary laws and traditions.

This oven uses a heated method of self-cleaning and you can set it for two hours if you simply need some light cleaning and for three hours if you want to run a normal cleaning cycle. If you have some truly stubborn messes inside, you can program the cleaning cycle to run for four hours to make sure the insides are thoroughly cleansed. Any messes are reduced to a white ash that you simply wipe away after the cleaning process is over and the oven has cooled.

You don't need to bother with commercial cleaners that produce disgusting fumes, abrasive cleansers or any other materials. Generally, a simple and quick wipe with a soft cloth or sponge and a bit of warm water and soap are all you need when spills are new and the self-cleaning cycle takes care of the bigger projects.

This slide-in range comes with a storage drawer for keeping extra pots, pans, cooking utensils and other kitchen paraphernalia so your counters remain clear of clutter. Unfortunately, the drawer does not act as a warming space for already cooked foods.

The warranty is the standard you will find in industry, with one-year of coverage for any parts that might have been broken or defective when you got the slide-in range or any parts that break during ordinary home use. The warranty also covers labor costs for repair or replacement. However, there are no additional warranties. You can get excellent help by phone if something goes wrong or you can email the manufacturer. There also is a helpful online user manual you can download to learn how to use and care for your slide-in range.

The Kenmore 42539 offers a reasonably large oven, three different self-cleaning cycles and overall easy use. It would be nice if it had a Sabbath mode and more oven rack positions, but overall, it gives you enough features to prepare nearly any kind of foods.

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