Pros / This toaster has an extra-long power cord of 5.5 feet.

Cons / There’s no setting for toasting just one side of a bagel.

 Verdict / This is a basic toaster that is easily at home on the kitchen countertop, but doesn’t offer performance or extras we’d expect for the price.

The Waring WCT is an expensive toaster, especially considering its missing features and lackluster performance. Despite being priced well above the average cost of the toasters we reviewed, this toaster has no special toasting features, such as a bagel or defrost setting. Although it can toast a variety of bread due to its standard slot width of 1.5 inches, the lack of features is a concern, particularly for bagel lovers. You won't be able to toast only one side of your bagel. This toaster does nothing except toast, and in our testing it didn’t even do that very well.

Our tests of this bread toaster had a recurring performance issue. This machine did not evenly toast both sides. One side was always one to three shades darker than the opposite side. This happened on the multiple tests that we applied to this unit. On top of the uneven toasting, this toaster also performed poorly in our test of frozen breads and bagels.

Although the Waring WCT has missing features and lacks in performance, it does have a few advantages over the other toasters in the lineup. This toaster has the longest power cord of 5.5 feet, nearly double the length of the other units. With such a long power cord, you will have zero issues placing this where you want it on the countertop. And since this toaster also has a hideaway cord design, you can tuck away any unused cord on the bottom. In addition to the long cord, this unit also is easy to clean. Its rounded aluminum body can be quickly wiped down, and the front-facing crumb trays are easy to remove.

We tested the 4-slice version of this toaster, but a 2-slice model is also available. Though the 4-slice has no extra features, the 2-slice does have a defrost and reheat setting.

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  • Evenness Score
  • Exterior Temperature
  • Cord Length
  • Warranty
  1. The quality of toasting evenness.
    Higher is better
  2. 10  Waring WCT
    78.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 98.0 %
  5. 80.0 %
  6. Category Average
    85.8 %


The Waring WCT is a mediocre and pricey toaster. Though more expensive than most units on the lineup, it performed on the lower end in our tests. Its lack of bagel and defrost settings reduces its functionality further. The extra-long cord design gives it an edge over other toasters, but its lack of features and poor performance make it hard to justify the premium price.

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