Pros / The stock pot has a 32-quart capacity, which is nice and large.

Cons / There’s no auto shut-off feature on this unit.

 Verdict / The Bayou Classic 1118 propane turkey fryer is a good choice if you need to cook a large turkey, although it isn't the safest unit.

The Bayou Classic 1118 stainless steel turkey fryer has a powerful burner with a large heating capacity, and you can cook up to an 18-pound turkey in under an hour with this unit. It also includes a handful of safety features, although it lacks a vital safety measure.

It’s recommended that you only fry up to an 18-pound turkey in this 32-quart pot. Frying a turkey over 18 pounds in this pot can cause an oil spill, serious injury or even a fire.

The Btu (British thermal unit) capacity of the burner is 55,000, which allows it to heat the oil and pot very quickly. It uses a maximum of 3 gallons of oil, which is slightly less than most outdoor propane turkey fryers can handle.

This turkey fryer doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature, which would automatically turn off the unit if it were to overheat. It does, however, include a few other safety features. For instance, you get a vented lid, a poultry rack and a lifting hook.

The lifter and poultry rack, which work similarly to a cooking basket, will help you place the turkey into the pot and remove it after cooking.

This outdoor turkey fryer doesn’t include a lot of convenience features, but it does have a thermometer. The thermometer will help you ensure the oil doesn’t overheat and the turkey is cooked throughout.

The Bayou Classic turkey fryer is backed by a one-year warranty, which is the standard warranty coverage you will find on most turkey fryers. The manufacturer offers an online manual on its website, which is convenient if you lose the physical manual, and it even has a handful of frequently asked questions about frying a turkey that you can reference. Additionally, you can contact the manufacturer for help and support by email.

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  • Capacity
  • Maximum Turkey Size
  • Btus
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  2. 3  Bayou Classic
    32.0 qts
  3. 30.0 qts
  4. 11.0 qts
  5. Category Average
    23.33 qts


The Bayou Classic 1118 turkey fryer can cook up to an 18-pound turkey, and it has a powerful propane burner that will heat up the oil and stock pot quickly. You also get a handful of safety features that make it safe to use, but it doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature.

Bayou Classic 32 Qt. Visit Site

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Auto Shut-Off
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Warranty & Support

1 Year
Online Manual
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