This spacious and efficient front load washer can be stacked with a dryer, but unlike other washer-dryer combos, it can be stacked on top of the dryer rather than positioned on the bottom. In another break with tradition, this washer's steam cleaning sends steam from the bottom up. You also get a function that mixes water and detergent before the washing cycle starts in order to enhance stain removal, a sanitizing cycle, a thorough cold-water washing cycle, and a well-balanced design so the machine does not shake while in operation and functions quietly. The matching dryer for this machine is the Electrolux EFME617STT. This 8-cubic-foot electric dryer has nine drying cycles, a clothing refresh cycle to erase wrinkles and sensors to prevent over-drying laundry.

The versatile and efficient Elextrolux EFLS617STT front load washer has a roomy 4.4-cubic-foot drum. If you need a little more capacity than that, you may want to consider the Samsung WF50K7500AV/A2, but the EFLS617STT will be plenty for most homes. You can position it under a countertop directly next to a matching Electrolux dryer, or stack it if you are short on horizontal space in your laundry room. However, this front loading washer is a bit different from most stackable washers: It must be placed above the dryer rather than beneath it. This washer would work well in any home, whether it is a big single-family house, a condo or an apartment.

This front load washing machine has nine cycles, including a quick cycle that can thoroughly clean laundry in only 15 minutes, another time-saver cycle called Rinse & Spin, a cycle for heavy washing, and one for delicate fabrics. You also get a stain-soaking mode that first mixes the water, detergent and any stain-removing fluid you add before the wash cycle starts to prepare the right solution for removing stains. 

Another time-saving characteristic of this washer is its delay start mode that lets you wash clothes when you want – at a time that will not disturb a sleeping baby, or when energy costs are lower. You can program the machine to delay washing for 30 minutes up to 12 hours. The sanitizing option can eliminate up to 99 percent of bacteria and 95 percent of allergens in clothing, which is a real boon if you are using cloth diapers with a new baby, need to clean work clothes that come into contact with such contaminants, or simply want bed linens to be as free of them as possible.

To get clothes really clean, you can add this washer's steam cleaning function to wash cycles and the heat will loosen ground-in dirt and stains. Once again, this washing machine is different from the standard models in that its steam rises from the bottom of the washer and moves upward, rather than blowing down onto the clothing. This is also a well-balanced machine that does not shake while in operation and functions quietly.

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