This front loading washer has a 5.2-cubic-foot interior that can handle very large laundry loads, including bedding such as comforters. You also get 14 wash cycles, eight wash options and five soil levels, along with a powerful sanitize cycle certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. This cycle would be deeply reassuring to parents using cloth diapers, since you can keep the interior of your washer safely clean. This washer also gives you a Kids Wear cycle, which provides a second rinse to remove residual detergent that can irritate kids’ skin. You also get a SteamTreat function that can clear away set-in stains. A great front loading washer and dryer combination would be this washer paired with the matching Kenmore 81072, a 9.2-cubic-foot electric dryer that can tackle even wet bedding. It comes with Wrinkle Guard, which tumbles laundry quickly for as long as 150 minutes after the cycle ends, an Express Dry capability and a Small Load cycle that works fast.

This Kenmore Elite front load washer provides you with 14 wash cycles and eight wash options, and you can choose from five soil levels and wash temperatures for each load. Besides the standard washing cycles that come with most front load washers, the Kenmore Elite’s 14 cycles include a bulky cycle for big items such as bedding, a rugged cycle for ground-in dirt on thick fabrics such as denim, and a workout wear cycle for your exercise clothing, which is typically made of stretchy synthetic materials. This Kenmore is excellent but if you are looking for something more compact that can fit into a smaller laundry room, check out the Bosch WAT28402UC.

The Kenmore Elite has a cycle to sanitize clothing, which is not unusual for front load washers, but this one is so exceptionally good that it is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. With this sanitize option, the washer uses very hot water to get rid of 99.9 percent of common bacteria, making sure your clothes and other laundry items come out fresh and clean. Another useful function is the Kids Wear cycle, which adds a second rinse after the washing is done to thoroughly get rid of detergents that could remain on clothes even after they are washed. This is ideal for kids who have sensitive skin that might become irritated by detergent residue on their clothes or bedsheets.

This front loading washer is 40 4/5 inches tall, 29 inches wide and 33 7/8 inches deep. You can purchase an optional pedestal drawer to put the Kenmore Elite upon so that it stands taller if you need to have the machine elevated and want the storage convenience of the drawer for detergents, laundry additives and other items.

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