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This front loading washer is designed with TurboWash technology, which gives you extra-fast washing cycles. Another unusual feature is an angled washer door that curves gently upward to make it ergonomically better for your back, shoulders and arms as you reach in to get wet laundry, which can be very heavy.  An excellent companion to this appliance is the LG DLEX4370K, with its 7.4-cubic-foot interior that can handle big loads. It also gives you 14 drying programs, a Steam Fresh cycle, smartphone capabilities and a sensor dry function that makes sure clothes are done before you remove them from the dryer.

You can wash great big loads of laundry in this front load washer, since its interior encompasses 4.5 cubic feet. You also get a control panel on the front of the washer door that is easy to use and reach. This machine comes with a pause button that lets you toss in an item you forgot when you started the wash cycle and another time-saving function, a delay-wash capability.

The LG WM5005HKA front loading washer has a 4.5-cubic-foot interior, which is helpful if you have piles of laundry every week. With this washer, you can launder a set of king-size bedding in one load and have everything come out clean, thoroughly rinsed and ready to dry.

The machine has TurboWash technology, which gives you extra-speedy washing cycles so doing lots of big loads of laundry will not eat up so much of your time. Other time-savers include programming options to delay the start of the washing cycle or pause the washing cycle so you can add garments that you forgot or dropped like that errant sock. The water level automatically adjusts itself to the size of the load.

With the electronic control panel conveniently front and center on the washer door, you can choose from 14 different washing cycles. These include specialty cycles such as towels, heavy-duty cleaning, a quick rinse and spin, and sportswear so your exercise clothes get clean without hurting any of the man-made materials that make them stretchy. You also get five different spin speeds to get water out of your newly clean clothing.

Along with these options, the LG WM5005HKA front load washer offers five temperature settings, five soil settings, an add-steam mode to soften and loosen dirt and stains, and a sanitary cycle that gets rid of 99.9 percent of bacteria in laundry. The prewash option helps soak out pesky stains, or you can choose an additional rinse cycle or cold-water wash. For your peace of mind, there is a child lock. For even more convenience, the machine has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can keep tabs on what your washer is doing when you are away and even start cycles remotely.

This front load washing machine operates quietly and is well-balanced so there is little annoying vibration. The machine sounds a signal when a washing cycle is complete.

The LG Dryer DLEX4370K is a good pick if you want a matching front load washer and dryer set. This is another large-capacity appliance, which makes sense if you are pairing it with a washer designed to handle big loads of laundry. It has a 7.4-cubic-foot drum with 14 drying programs, including an antibacterial cycle, a sanitary steam cycle and one for delicate items.