With an interior capacity of 5 cubic feet, this is a big front load washer. This means you can do fewer loads of laundry, since you can put considerably more items into it for each wash cycle and still have enough room inside for the clothes to get thoroughly cleaned. It comes with excellent time-saving features such as a Super Speed wash cycle, which lets you wash a full load in 30 minutes, and an AddWash feature, a small door that permits you to quickly pop in that stray sock or pair of shorts while the wash is underway. It also comes with technology to deeply penetrate fabrics with foam and a steam wash function so your clothing will be fresh and sanitary.

If you are looking for a matching front load washer and dryer, you might consider the Samsung DV50K7500. This dryer boasts a large-capacity drum of 7.5 cubic feet, 14 preset drying options, and multi-steam modes to cut down on bacteria and remove wrinkles. It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity so you can get alerts, know when cycles end and keep tabs on your dryer's activities even when you have other things to do. The Samsung set is of great quality but if you need something a little more compact for a smaller laundry room, consider the LG WM1388W.

The Samsung WF50K7500AV/A2 front loading washer’s spacious 5-cubic-foot drum gives you plenty of room to do big loads of laundry and still end up with quite clean clothes that have not been crowded into the washer. This means you will spend less time doing laundry than you would with a standard washer, since you can get more clothes clean with an individual load.

Another time-saver built into this front load washer is its Super Speed option that lets you wash a load of dirty clothes, sheets and other items in 15 minutes. This washer is equipped with 14 wash cycles, including a quick wash, a deep steam to get out really tough stains, cold water cleaning, a sanitizing mode, and ones especially for bedding or other heavy items, whites, and permanent press fabrics. There is also a simple rinse and spin for items that just need to be run through water and then spun to remove much of the moisture.

In addition, you get 14 extra options, such as steam cleaning, an extra rinse, an extra spin and My Cycle. The My Cycle mode remembers your customized cycles with the drying levels, water temperatures, washing times and other things you have previously programmed.

The Smart Care app lets you connect with your washer and dryer to troubleshoot any problems. You can also use the washer's Wi-Fi connectivity to get alerts on your smartphone when wash cycles are done, keep track of how much cycle time is left and set washing times, all remotely and conveniently at your fingertips.

Other helpful technologies are a mode to really penetrate fabrics with a special foam and a steam wash function, both of which are designed to deep-clean laundry and make it appealingly fresh. If you forget a stray sock or find a stain on your child’s T-shirt after the washing cycle has begun, you can simply pop it into the Samsung’s small AddWash door.

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