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As a traditional top-load washing machine, the Kenmore 28132 comes out ahead of most of its competitors. It includes nine wash cycles, four soil levels and five wash-and-rinse temperature settings. It has several wash options, including StainBoost that gives extended wash time to clothes with tough stains while being gentle on fabrics. The matching dryer has a large capacity of 8.8 cubic feet and is designed to dry big loads of laundry without balling and tangling. It uses SmartDry technology to prevent overdrying and reduce shrinking.

This top-load washer is Energy Star certified and, when compared with other top-load washers, is about average in terms of efficiency. It has a nice-sized 5.3-cubic-foot drum that can hold plenty of laundry, so you can conserve water by cutting down on the number of loads you have to do. This Kenmore top-loader unit uses about 195 kilowatt hours of energy each year, which equates to $31 annually.

Like the Kenmore Elite series model, this top-load washing machine uses innovative technology which uses powerful spray jets and impeller motion that will keep your clothing moving as it cleans to remove deep dirt. It also has a direct drive motor to reduce noisy vibrations.

This washer has 10 cycles, including many that you would expect on a washing machine like this, such as normal, whites, delicates, heavy duty and express. You can also choose to do a deep wash, which deposits more water into the washtub when you need that extra water. Though there aren’t many specialty cycles, you get the clean-washer cycle, which helps keep your washtub free of soap scum and any odor-causing bacteria.

In terms of options with this washing machine, there is a prewash option. You can presoak your clothes and choose one rinse or two. There is also a deep fill option for large or bulky loads. This machine can also dispense fabric softeners, oxygenated stain treaters or color-safe bleach during the cycle if you have clothes that need extra care.

Compared to some of the best top-load washing machines on our list, this Kenmore washer doesn’t stack up when it comes to warranties. You get a standard limited one-year warranty that covers the entire unit, while other washers – mostly the high-efficiency washers on our lineup – include separate warranties for the motor and wash drum. Kenmore makes it easy to contact support if you have a question, though. You can call, email or talk to a customer service representative via live chat on the website. Also on the manufacturer’s website are FAQs and the user manual.

The smaller washtub on this Kenmore washing machine means you may be doing more laundry than you would like, but this top-load washer is more economical than others in the traditional washing machine category. You get plenty of basic wash cycles, but this unit is lacking specialty wash options.