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Snow Blowers Reviews

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Snow Blowers Review

Why Get a Snow Blower?

Winter brings the holidays, cold weather and of course, if you live in the right region, copious amounts of snow. While you could spend your days shoveling out your driveway and sidewalk by hand, consider a more convenient method of snow removal and get an electric snow blower.

Electric snow throwers are perfect if you're eco-minded as they don't require gasoline or oil and run much quieter and efficiently. They are perfect for homeowners with average or small driveways and can even be used to clear off decks and patios. On this site, you will find articles about snow blowers and reviews of the best electric snow blowers available, such as the Snow Joe SJ623E, the Snow Joe iON18SB and the Ryobi RY40811.

Electric Snow Blowers: What to Look For

Electric snow throwers come in a variety of shapes and sizes for your driveway, sidewalks and deck. Not every region receives the same amount or type of snow, so you’ll need to consider how well a device will cope with your snowfall.

Each electric snow blower shares common design features. We compared clearing width, throwing distance and intake height along with how far the discharge chute could rotate into consideration in our rankings. We also looked at the optimal depth of snow the manufacturer suggests.

We found that the best electric snow blowers have a wide clearing path and discharge distance. An 18-inch clearing path is an average width, and the larger your clearing path is, the fewer passes you need to make to clear your surfaces. Blowers that can throw snow farther than 20 feet are ideal for large, wide driveways. Having to plow snow you have already plowed once because the snow thrower wasn't strong enough is a hassle.

While most electric snow blowers plug into a wall outlet, there are many battery-operated models available as well. These cordless snow blowers are optimal for people who dislike trailing a power cord behind them as they plow, as well as for owners of extremely long drives or areas that are hard to access. We compared the battery run time as well as the recharging time of the best cordless snow throwers.

Being able to push and turn your electric snow blower can be a challenge, so we looked at how easy each snow blower is to handle. Weight is the largest factor when it comes to maneuverability. The lighter the snow blower, the less effort you have to use to push it along. If you need help pushing through the snow, look for a snow blower that has auger propulsion. With these models, the auger blades gently pull forward, assisting your plowing.

The best electric snow blowers have easy-to-use controls that are within reach. Look for a snow blower that allows you to rotate the discharge chute with a crank or lever. If it has manual rotation, you will need to stop pushing and go to the front of your blower each time you need to change the direction of the snow discharge. The best snow blowers also include a safety release handle that stop the auger blades from spinning if released. Many of the best blowers have headlights to make plowing in the dark easier as well.

Warranty & Support
While electric snow blowers are incredibly easy to maintain compared to their gas-powered counterparts, you should take into consideration the warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer. A two-year warranty is the average warranty provided, but many blowers are covered for longer periods. We took into consideration the level of support manufacturers provide their customers, from phone and email to ordering parts online or an app to find the nearest service center.

Electric snow blowers are incredibly valuable for anyone who lives in areas with frequent snowstorms. These powerful machines can quickly pick up snow and toss it out of the way without all the backbreaking labor associated with using a snow shovel. By purchasing the best snow blower, you can quickly regain control of your home against the icy breath of Jack Frost.