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Pros / This system has a strong feature set and dynamic customer support.

Cons / PowerHome lacks compatibility with KNX, Z-Wave and ZigBee protocols.

 Verdict / PowerHome gives you a great way to build a smart home without the need to buy an expensive device controller.

"Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it no longer fits our review criteria. You can still read our original review below, but TopTenREVIEWS is no longer updating this product’s information."

PowerHome has a wide set of features and a unique interface. The system is a little weaker when it comes to compatibility, but the customer support behind the product is very effective. Despite a few minor flaws, the PowerHome smart house system is one of the top performers in our review. Overall, the experience this product provides is very pleasant.

Every feature that we looked for in high-quality home automation systems was present in the setup furnished by PowerHome. Their system is accessible remotely via the internet. The software also supports voice recognition functions. It offers programmable macros with several preset triggers. The ability to activate a script at random is also present, allowing you to keep your home secure when you’re away.

The basic triggers are ready for use in any macro you can dream of. The system uses sunset/sunrise triggers, interval timers and random interval triggers without much of a problem. You can create macros that are more complex with PowerHome’s intelligent home system as well. The user forums are full of interested and experienced hobbyists that can help you delve deeper into the functionality of this system.

Several popular media management applications are supported by this home automation system, including Windows Media Center and iTunes. With these integrated compatibilities, you will be able to control everything necessary for a completely automated home theater system. The wide set of features that this smart house software provides is quite impressive.

The PowerHome smart home system is not quite as compatible with common home automation protocol as higher rated products in our review. You will not be able to use this software to operate devices using KNX, Z-Wave or ZigBee protocols nor can you control HVAC systems or thermostats. PowerHome supports devices using the X10, UPB and Insteon protocols.

PowerHome does not use a hardware controller with its software. That functionality comes from a computer with a Windows operating system. The system is not compatible with Mac OS X or smartphone operating systems, although you can find third party smartphone PowerHome apps for Android and iOS. PowerHome’s interface can be cluttered at times, but finding the desired function is never difficult. Its compatibility with major applications makes it very easy to get up and running, and the remote access function makes maintaining and controlling your home very easy.

PowerHome’s home automation systems are well supported, even though the manufacturer is relatively small. The company provides an email address for direct inquiries, and a live chat option is available if you need a quick reply. The FAQs section covers basic and generic inquiries, but members of the PowerHome community on the forum can answer specific questions. You do not need a professional installer when you set up PowerHome.


In the world of home automation systems, PowerHome is not far behind the leaders. This system offers an extensive set of features with a strong customer support system in place. However, it falls short of the mark with poor program compatibility and a cluttered interface. PowerHome won't control your HVAC system, but it is a great choice for home automation.

PowerHome 2 Visit Site