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bObsweep bObi Review

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PROS / The bObsweep bObi has a variety of useful support services.

CONS / There are no virtual or physical boundary markers to keep the vacuum in place.

 VERDICT / Despite limited ways to keep it within boundaries, the bObsweep bObi is powerful enough to clean big messes and is easy to learn and maneuver.

The bObsweep bObi robot vacuum is one of the best ways to keep your hard surfaces and carpets clean without having to do the cleaning yourself. It is a robotic vacuum with the support services and quick setup to make even the newest users comfortable with its functions within a short amount of time, even if it does lack a few boundary-setting essentials.

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This robot vacuum cleaner runs for about two hours on full charge, which is one of the longest run times we observed. It does slightly better on hard surfaces, so if your house is mostly done with hardwood floors, then the bObsweep bObi is a wise choice. It has a dirt sensor that directs it into messy areas and a ledge sensor that veers it away from your walls, although it did bump into the walls occasionally when it was tested. There is also a spot-cleaning function, which concentrates it on one area. When its time was up, it returned to its dock before it ran out of power.

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The bObsweep bObi is relatively quiet at just 60 dB, which allows you to continue with other activities with relatively little disturbance if you are present during the vacuum’s cleaning time. There is also a status light that lets you know when it is low on power and might need charging time before it’s ready to clean the rest of a floor space. It lacks a full-bin indicator, so you have to remember to empty it when it needs to be clear of debris.

The only strong shortcoming of the bObsweep bObi is the lack of boundaries, either in the form of a virtual wall or magnetic boundary markers. That can be a hindrance if you have smaller areas you do not wish it to cover. There is a remote control, and you need to be present during cleaning in order to direct the robot vacuum.

The support services are excellent for newcomers to robotic vacuums, and you are automatically equipped with the resources to learn about the vacuum in a short amount of time. The vacuum’s website page has tutorials and a number for manufacturer support, and the online user manual covers functions and the build of the vacuum.


With superb performance and support services, the bObsweep bObi has plenty to offer a homeowner that wants extra help keeping a house clean. Despite missing boundary control, it does a thorough enough job to earn the fourth highest ranking in our lineup.

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