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Best Rugged iPhone Cases Review

Imagine dropping your brand-new iPhone. Not just letting it slip out of your hand onto a table or onto a soft, carpeted floor, but dropping it hard onto concrete or pavement. It tumbles, as if doing c

Choosing the Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Your Home

A weak cell signal is frustrating, and it can happen anywhere. Dead spots aren't just a plague for people living out in the boondocks. When I lived in a small studio apartment near San Diego State Uni

Wireless Chargers: How to Extend Battery Life for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, but since we rely on them so heavily, oftentimes their batteries diminish before the sun even sets. There are several steps that you can ta

FM Transmitters and Auxiliary Adapters: The Affordable Bluetooth Hands-Free Solution

Many different types of Bluetooth car kits are on the market. Some require a professional installation. Some simply clip to your sun visor. Some use an FM signal so that you can use your car speakers

iPhone Smart Card Readers

In the European market, smart cards have taken over as the preferred method of storing data for every imaginable purpose. Although they are not as popular in the United States as they are overseas, sm

Stereo Bluetooth Headsets: Hands-free Calling for Audiophiles

There are two basic types of Bluetooth headsets to consider when looking to purchase a hands-free device – mono and stereo. For both types of headsets, the primary functions are essentially the same –

Supertooth HD VOICE

“Hands-free” is an expression unique to our generation. In many circles, it’s used it all the time. When electronic devices began devouring our attention, especially on the roads and leading to car co

How to Take Stellar Pictures With Your iPhone

Whether we’re sharing our thoughts as a status update on Facebook or a picture of our dog on Instagram, our lives are documented on social media sites. Wanting to preserve a memory of our day-to-day a

Pros & Cons of Thick & Thin Screen Protectors

iPhone screen protectors can be a phone saver if you stick your keys in the same pocket as your delicate iPhone or if you accidentally drop your phone off the edge of a table. However, iPhone screen p

iPhone Screen Protectors: How Long Do They Really Last?

Since an iPhones represents a serious investment, the last thing you want is a careless drop or scratch to completely ruin your screen. That's where iPhone screen protectors come into play. Usually ma

iPad Car Mount: Bluetooth Sound Control for the Backseat

What would we do without the iPad? Without it, we couldn't waste mindless hours playing video games, watch movies all night in bed, or take notes in class on the down low. But one of the best places f

iPhone Card Readers: 10 Reasons to Swipe On the Go

As a small business owner, you may wonder if accepting mobile payments through an iPhone card reader is necessary or even in your budget. The real question is if you can afford not to accept mobile pa

Extreme Benchmarking: the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD

The ZAGG invisibleSHIELD is tough. Our reviews showed it performing better than any other iPhone 4S screen protector across the board. But just how tough is the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD? We put this infam

The Ultimate Mobile Entertainment Device

You don’t need to spend money on a portable DVD player, a PSP and a mobile TV to keep your kids entertained on long car rides. There’s a comprehensive solution with high-speed internet connections, am

Square iPhone Credit Card Reader

The Square swiper is a small but significant iPhone credit card reader. The size and simplicity of Square are the highlights of the swiper, but the Square solution is full of interesting contradiction

VeriFone PAYware Mobile Enterprise iPhone Card Reader

Most of the mobile credit card readers in our comparison of the best iPhone card readers are designed for small businesses and personal sellers. The PAYware Mobile Enterprise is decidedly different in

Summer Fun Beach Gear to Get

Summer… It's a time when the days are warm, long and lazy. When families head out on vacation – often to sun-drenched destinations on the beach. If you're planning a beachside holiday where you'll spe

iPhone Credit Card Swipers for Retail

Mobile credit card processing and iPhone credit card readers are typically marketed to businesses that require mobility by nature (contractors, couriers, street fair vendors). There are, however, seve

iPhone Credit Card Readers: Mobile Swiper Security

iPhone credit card readers are far from mainstream, but as they increase in availability and use, questions about security arise. Accepting credit cards on your iPhone can be just as secure as a tradi

Cell Phone Boosters: Do You Really Need A Boost?

The first time someone drops a call while on the road or possibly in their house they just figure something went wrong and try again. The real question is what to do if you drop calls or have horrible

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