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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung had a major burden to carry after its last major product release: its Galaxy Note7 phones were infamously prone to catching fire while charging. Now the company is back with the Samsung Galaxy

MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile: Which Gives You Better Coverage and More Flexibility?

We took a look at two of the most popular prepaid cell phone brands, Boost Mobile and MetroPCS, and compared them side by side to give you some insight about which provider might be right for your nee

Motorola Boom

The Motorola Boom is a basic in-ear Bluetooth headset that is affordable and lightweight. Despite its cheap-feeling plastic body, the headset has strong voice and audio quality. It's quite tiny and in

BlueParrot Reveal Pro

The VXi BlueParrott Reveal Pro definitely isn’t a one-trick pony. This headset is packed with features that make it stand out from other Bluetooth headsets. We got our hands on this enterprise-

BlueAnt Q3i

It’s difficult to make a Bluetooth headset that looks sleek and inconspicuous, but BlueAnt managed to pull it off with its Q3i headset. The device’s curved design is contoured to fit the f

Sennheiser Presence

The Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth headset is two inches long, which means it’s a lot larger than most other headsets; it even extends slightly to make it even longer. If you want a headset that

Jabra Eclipse

The Jabra Eclipse is arguably one of the best-looking Bluetooth headsets money can buy. Most other headsets are bulky and noticeable but not in a good way. This one has a sharp, svelte design and does

Plantronics Explorer 500

The Plantronics Explorer 500 is the best budget Bluetooth earpiece you can buy. It’s sleek, comes in black or white, and is about the size of a stick of Orbit gum. In addition, it weighs just a

Jabra Steel

Usually, Bluetooth headsets are made from plastic, but Jabra took a different approach when it created its Steel Bluetooth headset. It is much more durable than other headsets and sports a hard case t

Nulaxy KM18

The Nulaxy KM18 is the best Bluetooth FM transmitter in our review and one of the most affordable Bluetooth car kits available. Its call quality doesn’t compare to higher-end kits, and FM transm

Mpow Streambot Flex

The Mpow Streambot Flex 2-In-1 is a simple and compact Bluetooth FM transmitter that lets you play music and accept calls through your car stereo. Compared to the best Bluetooth car kits, it performed

GOgroove FlexSMART X5

The GOgroove FlexSMART X5 is an in-car Bluetooth FM transmitter that uses your car’s radio to stream music and calls. It also comes with an AUX cord, which means it works with any car stereo. Th

Mpow Streambot Mini

The Mpow Streambot Mini is the smallest Bluetooth car kit in our review. It’s about the size of a thumb drive and plugs into your car stereo’s AUX port. It’s also the cheapest device

iClever Himbox

The iClever Himbox HB01 Bluetooth car kit is an excellent option for streaming music through your car stereo as long as your car stereo has an AUX input. The call quality was poor in our tests, but th

SoundBot SB360

The SoundBot SB360 is the best option for drivers who are looking for a way to stream music from their smartphones. This Bluetooth car kit has a very simple but effective design. It uses an AUX cord t

Jabra Tour

The Jabra Tour is one of the simplest and most intuitive Bluetooth car kits. It features a single 3-watt speaker, one HD Voice microphone and only three buttons – two for volume control and one

New ASUS ZenPhone AR: Augmented and Virtual Reality in One Smartphone

ASUS' ZenFone AR is the first smartphone that is compatible with both Google's DayDream VR platform and Google's Tango augmented reality. The ZenFone AR is outfitted with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon

Motorola Moto Z Play

Modularity isn’t a new idea in the smartphone arena. LG let you switch out the G5’s chin to varying degrees of success, while Google famously tried – and failed – to bring a bu

OnePlus 3T

Back in January 2007, Apple released the original iPhone as an AT&T exclusive, and people switched carriers en masse for the chance to own the world’s first true smartphone. Ten years later,

Google Pixel

Size aside, there’s not much difference between the Google Pixel and its heftier cousin, the Pixel XL. Both smartphones feature the same wonderful camera with some of the best built-in video sta

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