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How the Face of Retirement Can Change Our Digitally Connected World

Emergencies happen all the time that aren’t of the natural variety, but they are no less critical when they involve an immediate family member needing help. It could be something so simple as yo

Early-Upgrade Cell Phone Plans: Separating Fact from Marketing

These days, with manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple releasing new flagships year after year, we all want the latest and greatest smartphones in our pockets. Cell phone providers are great at givi

The Lowdown on Authorized Resellers

Even after you’ve decided on a cell phone provider perfect for your circumstance and needs, you still need to sign a contract and pick out a phone. If you’ve ever wandered through a mall before, you m

Prepaid vs. Contract: What to Consider When Picking a New Cell Phone Plan

Cell phone providers are crawling out of the woodwork, as more and more people can't stand to be separated from their mobile devices. But how do you know which companies have the best cell phone plans

Three Experiences You'll Only Have on Windows Phones

Windows Phone 8 may be the underdog among mobile operating systems, but don't let its secondary status fool you. You won't find a cleaner, more elegantly minimalist interface than what Windows phones

The Truth Behind Cell Phone Companies' New Early Upgrade Plans

Editor's Note: Sprint has discontinued its One Up plan and no longer offers an early-upgrade option. Based on our research and price comparisons, T-Mobile's JUMP! is now the most affordable early-upgr

How Much Data Do You Really Need?

Smartphones have become popular pieces of technology. These handheld devices allow individuals to communicate with friends and family all over the world. But these mobile gadgets do more than just all

Best Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Windows Phone 7 is carving out a nice spot for itself in the smartphone market, and Top Ten Reviews recently published a review comparing the latest batch of Windows 7 releases. Top marks go to the No

Prepaid Cell Phone: The Pros and Cons

Whether you like it or not, cell phones are everywhere. They are becoming the main form of communication among individuals, whether it is by a text message, picture message or an actual phone conversa

The Top Ten Cell Phone Ringtones

Here we are, more than a decade since the first prototypes of the modern ringtone download services were introduced around 1997. So what have we learned, kids? Well, for one thing, that assembling a l

What Does 4G Mean to Me?

The term 4G has been coming up more and more frequently with regard to mobile data service. People generally know that it promises to be better than 3G but are rather fuzzy on what it actually means.

Teens & Cell Phones

With today’s busier families, cell phones may be the most common way parents and teens communicate. Cell phones, and prepaid cell phones, provide a vital line of communication for parents. Now it’s ea

Need To Know Mobile Acronyms

Tech speak is all around us. Every industry has its own language that helps insiders communicate effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, the use and abuse of industry unique terms can be confusing

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