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Dealing with App Addiction: Appoholics and their Tablets

If you're like me, the first time you charge up a new tablet, you immediately download your favorite apps. Be it games, social media or news apps, I want to personalize my device as soon as possible.

Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2: What's New?

With the holidays before us, it's to be expected that major electronic companies will be rolling out their latest and greatest. Microsoft is no exception. On Monday, September 23, they announced the r

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet

When Microsoft first announced the Surface tablet, consumers were ecstatic over Windows’ intent to compete with the best tablets in the market. This device was quite impressive to behold and made many

The Cat's Meow: Tablet Games for Your Feline

We've all been there – all cat owners, that is. You are trying to complete a task, but your silly feline inevitably ends up all over you and will not allow you to get anything done. One solution is to

Karuma PlayBase Plus: Tablet for Kids

Whether adult or child, everybody these days wants a tablet. While iPads top more wish lists than any of its competitors' devices, each release of a new Android-powered tablet holds ever-greater promi

Make Your iPad Into a Scanner

Scanners are a pain if you are on the move, especially if you are trying to work with mobile devices. Most need a computer as an intermediary, and are designed for the desktop. That is starting to c

Amazon Kindle Fire: eReaders and Tablets Ignite

There's no denying the media attention that's been sparked by the announcement of Amazon's entry into the Android-based tablet market. However, don't think that the Kindle Fire is just another tablet

Top 10 Gifts to Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Gadget Geek

We know that buying for your loved ones can be tough – especially if their wish lists consist of items you thought only existed in "The Jetsons." Buying for these tech-savvy individuals can be a diffi

Gifts for College-Bound High School Grads

High school graduation is the time in your child's life when their next chapter begins. Their dreams, hopes and, most importantly, their freedom, all seem within their grasp. As you prepare to say goo

Tablets vs. Laptops: The Pros and Cons

When laptops entered the computer market, everyone wanted one of these small devices for computing on the go. Laptops received a lot of hype because of their portability and their ease of use. This ne

Touchscreens: Good or Bad?

Are touchscreens a good thing? It really depends on the one you are using. Touchscreens have a bad reputation from early attempts with incompetent technology but they are still evolving and slowly ge

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