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Pros / National offers a carbon-dioxide offset program and roadside assistance.

Cons / It doesn't have a chat service.

 Verdict / National is a global car service with a great selection of vehicles that will make it easy to arrange for a vehicle anywhere in the world. This is a good choice for travelers who plan on crossing borders during a trip.

National Car Rental is owned by Enterprise Holdings, the same company that owns two other companies in our car rental service reviews – Enterprise and Alamo. Like its sister companies, National has an extensive fleet that includes just about everything you need, including luxury cars, vans, pickups, convertibles, hybrids and fuel-efficient vehicles. If you are into hybrids, National is a great choice because it has a compact option, which is relatively common, and a hybrid SUV is also available. There are no commercial trucks in the U.S. fleet, but they are available at National’s Canadian branches.

Another strength is its ubiquity. National could be appropriately called International instead because of how many countries it serves. In addition to English, there are language options for Spanish and Portuguese speakers on the website, but no other languages yet. Given its international nature, hopefully it will accommodate more languages soon.

The website is a great resource that lets you reserve a car with all of the features you need. You can add GPS, different types of child seats and toll pass services to your rental package on the website instead of waiting to do it at the rental counter.

A fun and unusual feature on the site lets you compare fleets in different countries side by side. If you're interested in renting a luxury car, you can see what the equivalent would be in Mexico, Canada or even countries overseas. This feature is handy if you are traveling internationally. This is also a good service if you're crossing borders, say between the U.S. and Canada or Mexico, during a trip, because you will be able to pick up in one country and drop off in another.

Another similarity that this car rental service has with its sister companies is a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offset option. This program charges you a little more for your rental, but the extra cost is used to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from your rental car.

If you hate to refuel your car before you return it, you can select an option that gives you a discount on refueling charges. The company fuels up the car and you pay less for gas with this option. The only problem is you won't get a refund if you return the car with a full tank, so you will want to plan ahead to use this option. Instead of waiting until you get to the rental counter, you can get insurance, roadside assistance, and loss and damage waivers while creating your reservation.

Unfortunately, this company doesn't have live chat support. National offers the basic call center and email support for customers, which is fine for most problems, but it is often more convenient to connect with a real person immediately through a chat service.

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  2. 5  National
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  4. 2  Hertz
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National Car Rental has an impressive fleet of cars and branches throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and other countries all over the world. Reserving a car for international travel, with all the features and services you need, is quick and easy. Spanish and Portuguese speakers can read the website's content in their native language. Overall, this is a solid car rental company that is well suited for the international traveler.

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