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National Motor Club review

How does National Motor Club's roadside assistance service compare to its rivals?

National Motor Club review
(Image: © NMC)

Our Verdict

An expensive service for what you get. While National Motor Club is a well known brand, it doesn't offer the same level of service as some rivals, and is worse value for money than most.


  • Reimbursements for locksmiths
  • Trusted national company


  • Very expensive
  • Some low reimbursements

Of the roadside services we reviewed, National Motor Club is by far the most expensive. Its basic plan is nearly $50 more a year than the next most expensive service. Depending on the plan you choose, you pay either $11 or $20 a month, which is nearly double the monthly rate of AllState Motor Club and AAA Roadside Assistance. This is why it doesn't feature among the best roadside assistance plans for this year.

National Motor Club’s Security Protection plan costs $11 a month and includes most of the common benefits a roadside assistance program should. It pays $100 per incident for tows, fuel delivery, tire changes, locksmiths and other services. This is standard for the roadside assistance programs we looked at.

This plan also includes a variety of discounts for car rentals and hotels. Generally, these kinds of discounts come with other services’ premium plans, but the cost for National Motor Club’s basic plan is comparable to many premium plans.

We also looked at National Motor Club’s Security Premier plan. At $240 a year, it is by far the most expensive plan we reviewed. One drawback is there’s no difference in the roadside assistance coverage between it and the basic plan. No matter which you choose, you get $100 worth of roadside assistance for towing, flat tire repair, fuel delivery and locksmith services. In case you’re in an accident when you are far from home, National Motor Club provides $500 worth of trip interruption reimbursement for Security Premier members, which is one of the lowest amounts we saw.

If your main concern is roadside assistance, this may not be the best program for you. However, the Security Premier plan offers additional services beyond the typical roadside assistance programs. Its identity theft resolution stood out the most to us. If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, a specialist helps you put a fraud alert on your cards and monitor your accounts for suspicious activity. And if you are a victim of identity theft, the company works with you to resolve the situation.