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Shooting Videos to Share Online

Video sharing websites, like YouTube, Google Video, grouper and Metacafe, have exploded in popularity and turned average people into celebrities and well-known producers. You too can try your hand at

MP3 Players: From Desktop to Portable

With so many desktop media players out there, picking the one that works for both your computer and your portable music needs can be a real challenge. The following is a list of the most popular deskt

Editing Videos to Share Online

Online video sharing is flooding the world with amateur media. Websites, like YouTube, Google Video, grouper and Metacafe have forever changed the way we view entertainment and made instant stars of a

Downloading Free MP3s: What's the Harm?

The other day my friend's thirteen-year-old son, Ben, asked if I could recommend a good peer-to-peer network to download free MP3s, addictive pornography, and to expose his parent's computer to a host

Five Signs of Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction doesn’t sound like a real disorder – and as of yet, it isn’t recognized by the American Medical Association – but it can be a very real issue for many. Man

Best Video Share Websites Review

Film, Upload, Share, Enjoy Video share websites are changing the way we view media and the media we view. On the Internet, amateur producers can share their videos with thousands of viewers and avera

How To Maximize Your Audiobook Listening Experience

We have busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to find time to read a good book. More and more people are turning to audiobooks to take advantage of the time they spend commuting, exercising, doing housew

A Cheat Sheet to the Cheap Seats: Guidelines for Sports Fans at Games

After you buy some great, cheap sports tickets and head out for a day at the ballpark, there is nothing worse than finding yourself sitting next to an obnoxious, deadbeat sports fan. Whether you are s

Streaming: The Future of Online Video Game Rental

When the Xbox One was first announced, Microsoft stated that the new console would no longer use physical media, instead requiring downloads for all games. Later, it stated that the Xbox One would use

The Ten Best Online TV Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

In the past, friends and co-workers would go out of their way to recommend books to you. Now, it's a far more common occurrence for a friend to give you a homework assignment of watching the first thr

Do You Really Need to Pay for Cable TV?

Most of us pay for cable TV; it's been that way for decades. Cable television delivers both local broadcast channels and premium programming to your home. However, with the advent of internet TV sites

From Apple to Xbox: 10 Sporty Gifts for the Active Dad

Got a dad who loves all things sports? Golf clubs, jerseys and watches may have been suitable gifts in years past, but this Father’s Day, why not kick it up a notch with unique sporty gifts that reall

Getting a Handle on Fluctuating Fees

In our search for the best sports tickets sellers we were surprised at first to see how much prices and fees fluctuated, even within just a few days. We’d look for a specific set of sports tickets on

The Evolution of PS3

Since its release in November 2006, the PlayStation 3 (PS3) has sold more than 8 million units. However, compared to its seventh generation competition, including the Xbox 360 and Wii, the PS3 has had

Have We Killed the Movie Rental Store?

Most of us have taken countless trips to a local movie rental location on weekends to scour the shelves, trying to find a movie everyone actually wants to watch. If everyone can compromise on somethin

Racking Up the Fees: Extra Sports Ticket Charges

Great deals on game-day tickets can be hard to come by, especially when the ticket sites you buy from tack on all their extra charges and fees. Some of these ticketing services can tack on as much as

The Top 10 Biggest Concerts in History

If you thought the last concert you went to was crowded, you might have missed these concerts. Though there are many concerts whose attendance was either not listed, not measured or otherwise missing,

How to Get the Best Deal on Theater Tickets

When shelling out $100 or more is the standard for buying theater tickets to see Broadway smash hits, something needs to be done. There are several ways you can get around high ticket prices. You may

Top 10 Best Broadway Shows Ever

It’s difficult to name the best ever shows on Broadway. It’s like picking a favorite child. Each brings a unique style, story and culture to the stage that enchants audiences from all di

The Top 10 Best Rivalries in the NFL

With the smell of fall in the air and football stands across the country filling up, a little friendly competition always improves the bets. Here's a list of the top NFL football rivalries–some not-s

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