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Razorgator review

Razorgator gets you concert and sports tickets in a snap, and has good prices too.

Razorgator review
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Our Verdict

Although at times the website was a bit of a trawl, we loved Razorgator for its unbeatable prices, reasonable fees and unprecedented number of search filters to help you find the perfect seat for you.


  • Lowest prices in testing
  • Website and apps connected well
  • Ticket-grading gets best deals


  • No loyalty schemes or coupon codes

Razorgator is well-built and easy to use marketplace for buying and selling tickets. In facts it's one of the best sports ticket sites and best concert ticket sites right now, so if you're looking to get back in the game, it's a good place to start. The reseller claims to have the best prices on the web, with an average saving of 15-20% on every purchase. In testing this actually proved to be accurate, making this the cheapest tickets site out there. 

Thanks to a very secure website that uses a the ticket-grading algorithm, finding the best deals is easy. There are lots of filters allowing you to browse to find by best deal, genre or location – to name just a few options. The ability to search near your location is a great touch, both for where you live but also if you're away on vacation, and looking for something to do.

The inclusion of fees and guarantee of money-back, should the event get canceled, also help to add to just how excellent this experience can be as both a buyer and a seller.

Razorgator review: Usability

Razorgator has an easy-to-use, intuitive ticket website. The homepage has all the info you need to find tickets and whilst the display seems to indicate a focus on music acts, we had no trouble finding a huge range of sports tickets too. 

The search feature is simple, but there’s an option to search events near you and narrow results by event type and date. We didn’t like that there was no option to choose a location other than your current one, as this makes life a bit harder for people looking for tickets before they start traveling. 


(Image credit: Razorgator)

However, we had no trouble finding the tickets we were looking for, it just took a bit more scrolling than we’d have liked. 

Overall, this was one of the best websites we tested. There are also RazorGator apps on both the App Store and Google Play which had similar functionality and user experience to the website.

Razorgator review: Customer guarantee 

Razorgator had the same customer guarantee as many of the sites we tested. The BuyerTrust guarantee says that if an event is cancelled and not rescheduled Razorgator will let you return your tickets within 15 days to receive a refund for the full cost of the tickets, including service fees and shipping and handling charges. 

If an event is postponed or rescheduled, you may use the tickets on the rescheduled date or list them for sale once more on Razorgator. There is email support and an urgent support line available, as well as contact via social media.  

Razorgator review: Buying tickets

Once you’ve found the event you’re after, it’s easy to find the best deal with Razorgator’s grading system. This ranking, from A* to F, tells you how good a price the ticket is by considering its predicted original value compared to the value listed. There’s also a seat ranking system, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on having a 5 star view of the stage if that’s important to you. This is a feature offered by SeatGeek and StubHub too.

The venue chart is interactive and there’s the most filters of any site we tested. To name a few, you can search by best deal, price and best seat. You can also narrow results to ‘on aisle’, ‘wheelchair accessible’ and ‘elite sellers only’. All tickets have their type, be it physical or electronic, right next to the listing and you can double up on filters which is handy if you have a specific type of ticket in mind. 


(Image credit: Razorgator)

Razorgator claims to have the best prices on the web, with an average saving of 15-20% on every purchase, and we found that it delivered on this claim, with great prices for in our comparison tests giving it the top spot. Two of the three prices (including fees) we found were the cheapest on the market, and in our third test Razorgator still came second, making it the best secondary ticket provider after Ticketmaster’s face-value prices. Across-the-board, Razorgator also had the lowest fees, sometimes quite significantly when compared to sites such as Coast to Coast

As far as we know, there are no loyalty schemes or coupon codes for Razorgator, unlike sites such as Ticket Liquidator. However, the money you might save by shopping at Razorgator is probably more than any reward scheme you’ll find for the services we tested.

Razorgator review: Selling tickets

To sell your tickets on Razorgator you need to assign a price to tickets and provide information such as the location and date that the tickets are valid for. You can set your ticket at a fixed price or put it up for bidding, which will allow you to field multiple offers. 

There's no cost to list your tickets for sale, and when your tickets sell, there's a 10% commission on the total sale price. This is a standard charge for the industry and you can price your tickets accordingly.  

Razorgator review: Fees and refunds

As mentioned you can expect to pay fewer fees when buying on Razorgator than elsewhere with savings of up to 20%. For selling the fees are also kept low with a 10% charge to sellers.

There is cover for cancelled events, with money-back as standard. But you can't simply cancel your tickets because you change your mind. You'd have to sell them at that 10% fee instead.

Should you buy at Razorgator?

Although at times the website was a bit of a trawl, we loved Razorgator for its unbeatable prices, reasonable fees and unprecedented number of search filters to help you find the perfect seat for you. The grading system offered by Razorgator is helpful for people willing to compromise on price when it comes to seat value, and we found the claim of an average 15-20% saving to be accurate. 

The customer guarantee is fairly standard and there are good options for customer service so you can be confident that it'll there to help if anything goes wrong. Sellers can put their tickets open to bidding if they’re looking to make a few bucks, or sell outright for a price you choose. Razorgator takes a lean 10% commission, but you can cost your tickets accordingly. 

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