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The Best Mobile Hotspots of 2017

Take Wi-Fi With You

The Best Mobile Hotspots of 2017

Our Ranking Mobile Hotspots
1 AT&T
2 Internet on the Go
3 Karma
4 Netgear
5 Novatel
6 T-Mobile
8 Verizon
9 XCom

Why Get a Mobile Hotspot?

Mobile hotspots allow you to take your Wi-Fi connection with you wherever you go. Popular amongst individuals who travel, these mobile hotspots allow you to enjoy a reliable internet connection anywhere you may be.

While the original mobile Wi-Fi solution was a USB-like stick, these mobile hotspots allow you to tether your Wi-Fi to multiple devices, meaning a family with several internet-capable laptops, mobile phones and tablets can use a single Wi-Fi solution to connect to all of their devices.

Today, nearly every cell phone carrier has several different mobile hotspot plans and solutions available. In order to take advantage of one of these plans, you need to purchase both a hotspot device and pay for a monthly coverage plan.

It is also important to be clear with the carrier about the extras features, such as GPS/location and storage, that tend to come with these hotspots. Sometimes these services are simply included with the device’s allotted data, while other times they can come with an extra price tag.

Three of our top Mobile Hotspots that excel in these areas are Verizon Jetpack MiFi, T-Mobile Z915 4G LTE Hotspot and the Sprint Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot.

Mobile Hotspot: What to Look For

The right mobile hotspot can help you access the internet wherever you go. However, not all mobile hotspots are the same; they tend to differ in terms of features and capabilities. Paying close attention to the speed, battery life and the plan that backs each mobile hotspot you consider is essential to finding the right device to fit your needs.

Speed is one of the most important features in a mobile hotspot. When these hotspots operate on a 4G network, typically you enjoy fast transfer data speeds similar to those experienced with traditional Wi-Fi. Models that allow you to use wired tethering typically perform even faster.

When comparing the speed of each mobile hotspot, make certain to look at download speeds in terms of MB/second as well as upload capacities.

Battery Life
The battery life of a mobile hotspot is one of the most important features of these devices. The longer the battery can last, the longer you can use your Wi-Fi on the go. Most of the devices on our lineup can last between five and 20 hours of usage. The good news is there are some mobile hotspots that will work while charging over a USB connected to a laptop, meaning you don’t need to be tied to an outlet while using this device.

Carrier Plan
Mobile hotspot plans differ not only because of the device but also because of the carrier that backs these devices. The monthly plan, contract, fees and coverage area provided by the carrier all come into play when it comes to differentiating between different mobile hotspot plans.

Ultimately as the consumer, you want to find a mobile hotspot that comes with the features you need but that is also backed by a reliable mobile carrier through an affordable monthly plan. While every mobile hotspot is different, one that emphasizes speed, a long battery life and a reliable carrier can help you get on-the-go Wi-Fi access.