Top Ten Reviews recently released reviews on the best PC System Utilities software currently available. PC System Utilities are diagnostics tools that will clean up a computer to allow for faster speeds.

"Keeping your computer's operating system clean and up-to-date helps the computer's speed and performance," Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of Top Ten Reviews says. "Instead of paying a tech guru, try using PC system utilities software regularly. This software makes computer maintenance easy for anyone to manage."

The Top 3:

1- Advanced System Optimizer 3.1: This software is easy-to-use for anyone to use. It's as simple as popping in a disc in to get started right away. With tons of features, Advanced System Optimizer 3.1 is thorough enough to optimize any PC.

2- WinZip System Utilities Suite: This suite provides numerous tools to help clean and optimize computer systems, from cleaning the registry to uninstalling unused programs. For beginners, this software offers one-click feature that makes it easy to speed up your computer.

3- System Mechanic: The optimization features protect a computer's health by looking for kinks in its security's armor and by checking for errors in the registry. System Mechanic also has many useful features, including a PC TotalCare all-in-one tool that helps free up memory and shutting down unneeded applications.

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What Makes Top-Notch PC System Utilities Software?

Anyone who has spent any time using a computer is familiar with the feeling of the computer just not running as fast as it used to. In many cases, the system just needs a checkup. Instead of paying some computer guru to do the work computer users can purchase PC System Utilities software and do it themselves, saving time and a little money. This software cleans computers to get rid of unnecessary files, programs and spyware. It will free up hard space on the hard drive, as well. Ultimately, it will speed up the performance of the PC. The best PC System Utilities software performs well in the following categories.


Management/Diagnostics: Take into consideration what kind of diagnostics the PC System Utilities software will run. Top software will check for registry errors and manage which programs are opened when the computer starts up. The best software also uninstalls programs that clog up the computer to boost the operation of the PC.


Repair/Recovery: Sometimes computers are affected by spyware or viruses. PC System Utilities take care of these harmful programs by removing them from the PC, because protecting data is just as important as optimizing the speed of the computer.

Optimization: Computer optimization can be complicated, but this software makes it easy by walking users through the steps of optimizing settings to will improve the performance of their computer.

Ease of Use: Even the most advanced features are not helpful if they're difficult to use. Therefore, choosing software that is easy to use will make computer optimization a simple task.

Help & Support: These programs can be difficult to use, so it's important that manufacturers provide adequate access to technical support. Solid manuals and user forums help new users get started quickly Also look for a variety of contact methods in case problems arise.

Speed up a sluggish computer with PC System Utilities software. The best software is easy-to-use and offers features for computer optimization as well as PC protection.

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