The internet is full of useful information and entertaining sites, but browsing can become a major hassle when your window is cluttered with hundreds of ads, tabs and passwords that you can never remember. So here at TopTenREVIEWS, we assembled a list of the top 10 Firefox addons that you never knew you needed. These addons and extensions will improve your browser’s performance and make surfing the net a pleasant experience. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™


If you’re endlessly irritated by small text and horrible color schemes (lime green on hot pink, anyone?), you’re not the only one. The creators of NoSquint programmed this unique Firefox addon to control font sizes, background color and text colors. The days of struggling to read dark red text on black backgrounds are over; download this addon and solve your text-related problems.                      


DownThemAll is a handy advanced download manager for Firefox. Boasting a download rate improvement of up to 400% and the ability to pause and resume downloads at any time, DownThemAll is an invaluable resource if you’re an avid downloader. In fact, you can even set it up to download all the links and images contained in a single webpage with one click.



At first glance, you may think that ScrapBook is just another way to bookmark websites. In truth, it is much more customizable and useful than a simple bookmark manager. ScrapBook gives you the capability to copy information from a website into a database. You can select the whole page and capture it, or you can choose a small portion to retain. These captures will remain in a side bar until you need them. This resource is essential for researchers and students, as you can capture information and webpages as you see them for use in bibliographies and source pages later.

Secure Login

Secure Login is an extension of the Firefox password manager. If you choose to allow a login name and password to be remembered, you can later use this extension to log you in automatically. This feature makes managing multiple passwords and accounts a breeze, as it will remember everything for you and input it automatically.

Tab Kit

Tab Kit is an essential addon for anyone that uses tabs. This extension allows you to control all of your tabs by choosing where they’re located, what color they are, what position new tabs open in, tab switching with a mouse scroll and a myriad of other options that you never knew you needed until you’ve used them.

ClickCutter Auto Copy

Now instead of selecting text and using keyboard shortcuts or right clicking to copy, all you have to do is select the text you wish to copy and it is immediately copied to your clipboard. That’s really all there is to it! It’s just one more addon that makes your browsing that much easier.


Want an addon that will sync your bookmarks across multiple browsers? How about one that will tell you the popularity of a site, how many bookmarks it’s received from other users and additional information about that site? If this sounds like something you want, Xmarks is the addon for you. This powerful extension brings a huge amount of customization to your bookmarks and will even back them up and sync them with multiple browsers.


This addon is everything you need to browse faster. All the features are geared to improve your browsing speed and efficiency. While you are viewing a page, FastestFox will download the subsequent page if it appears in a series. Then, once you move on to the next page, it will download the next, making navigating through multiple pages an absolute breeze. Be sure to download this addon if you research frequently online.

Mouse Gestures

Your wrist will no longer get sore with this addon. By right-clicking and making gestures with the mouse, you will be able to accomplish the simple tasks such as minimize, go back, go forward and open a new page. You can forget about moving the mouse to the upper portion of your screen. You won't regret downloading this easy-to-use and highly effective addon. Warning! This may become a distraction. The red scribble in the screen demonstrates a gesture made by right-clicking the mouse and dragging.

Adblock Plus

Yes, you can block the ads, every last one of them. Adblock Plus gives you countless options to disable all, some or selected ads. You can select a filter subscription when you start Adblock, which will block most ads automatically without your having to specify. If one gets through, or you only wish to disable certain ads, you can right click it and choose “Adblock.” You will never see that ad again.

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