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Fun and Interesting Facts About Fish

Lurking below the sparkly surface of a blue lake or the deepest ocean are nearly 28,000 species of fish that humans have discovered and identified, but there are still likely thousands more. As we con

Facts on Some Famous Fish and Famous Fishlike Mammals

There are over three-trillion fish in the ocean and aquariums around the world. A few of these fish have become legendary on the big screen and are now household names. How much do we really know abou

Top Ten Reasons Virtual Fish Make Good Pets

Your cat can't eat the fish. If you have a virtual fish and a virtual cat, I recommend keeping them in separate hard drives. Virtual fish are very low maintenance. You'll be delighted to have some

The Worst Fish to Have in Your Aquarium Screensaver

There are several reasons why you could purchase aquarium screensaver software. You might use these programs for relaxation and something to distract you when your computer enters sleep mode. You may

Overlooked and Underused Super Hero Powers

Since the printing of the first comic book in 1933, children have dreamed of flying, sticking to walls, piloting invisible planes, possessing super human strength and using x-ray vision. It isn't surp

Manga Studio EX4 vs. Anime Studio Pro 8 When Creating Comics

SmithMicro Software has the corner on the comic book software market. They have several different software packages with graphic design at the helm. Two of our favorites are Manga Studio EX 4 and Anim

How to Get Your Comic Book Published

You doodled your way through school, creating fabulous cartoons everywhere your pen could reach. Your notebook’s cover never stood a chance – neither did the bathroom wall. It’s not your fault! When a

Top Ten Scariest Sea Creatures

While aquariums screensavers are wonderful fun and include a wide variety of fish from both fresh and salt water, there are some creatures found in the ocean you would not want to appear in your virtu

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