Pros / Mixcraft 7 presents many different ways to create your own beats.

Cons / It is only available on Windows platforms.

 Verdict / Mixcraft 7 is a versatile beat creation software that has made drastic improvements from previous versions to create an overall powerful software and user-friendly interface.

Editor's Note: Mixcraft 8 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review Mixcraft 8 when we next update the Beat Making Software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the Mixcraft 7.

Acoustica Mixcraft 7 offers more loops than any other beat making software in our lineup. The large loop library helps encourage novice users to create entire songs even with minimal experience with beat creation software. Plus, the loop library has over 7,000 unique sounds that cover many different styles and genres of music.

Mixcraft 7 has made some great improvements compared to its predecessors. One of the improvements made is that Mixcraft can now operate on 32- and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit versions allow for you to work on larger audio projects without experiencing any latency, lag or drag from your operating system. Mixcraft 7 also boasts a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing interface to work with.

This music creation software can also step outside of studio boundaries and into the live performance arena. Mixcraft 7 has added a performance track into the workstation and using the performance track, you can add loops and individual samples on the fly during live performances.

Mixcraft 7 has multiple virtual instruments to work with and even more virtual instrument presets. For every instrument there are a handful of presets to fast track you to the sound you are looking for. For example, for bass, you can select '80s bass, fretless bass, distorted bass tones and many more. There is no shortage of sounds on this software.

Mixcraft 7 offers 15 different virtual instruments and 25 different plugins. The virtual instruments include pianos, samplers and drum machines. Mixcraft Pro Studio 7, the full version of Mixcraft, offers five additional virtual instruments and 27 more plugins, if you feel you need more virtual capabilities to work with.

The piano roll or MIDI editor is one of the highlights of this beat software. The MIDI editor can be accessed by double-clicking on any MIDI data piece within the arrangement window and the MIDI editor will appear on the bottom third of the screen. The MIDI editor can be a powerful tool to create unique drum sections or loops. If you find that your songs are off a little bit, you can quantize your MIDI data with the click of a button. You can also humanize and add swing to your MIDI data to make it not sound robotic. This MIDI editor is easy to use and has many powerful features.

There are improvements all across the board in the new Mixcraft. To strengthen drum loop creating capabilities, Acoustica Mixcraft 7 has an added drum sequencer within the MIDI editor to help you create drumbeats. The drum sequencer is another method of drum creation that displays this software's music creation prowess and flexibility.

Mixcraft is available on all Windows platforms but is currently not compatible with Mac operating systems, unlike Ableton Live, which is available for Mac and PC.

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  2. 4  Mixcraft 8
    7000.0 Loops
  3. 3690.0 Loops
  4. 6000.0 Loops
  5. 3647.0 Loops
  6. Category Average
    4004.63 Loops


Mixcraft is a solid program to make your own beats. It features a large loop library and an easy-to-use MIDI editor that will help beginning users learn the ropes of this program. Mixcraft is a great place to start creating your own music.

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