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TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Logic Pro X from Apple is a recording studio program only available on Mac platforms. Apple does not offer an entry-level or stripped-down version of the software for a cheaper price. It also doesn't have upgrade pricing in case you have an older version of Logic. Even though there aren't entry-level or upgrade pricing options, the full home recording studio software is incredibly affordable, considering the editing power of the software.

What's Unique

If you are familiar with GarageBand, the proprietary Mac studio software, then the Logic Pro X interface won't surprise you. It's a fairly large face-lift from earlier iterations of the software, but the overall look is clean. The color scheme features a lot of gray and black with dark blue highlights.

Logic Pro's plugins are what make it unique. Plugins are arguably the most important part of a musical creation program, and Logic Pro X has some exceptional ones. The virtual instruments sound impressively close to their real-life counterparts. Logic Pro X took the time to not only emulate the sounds of real instruments, but also to emulate their controls.

A strong example of the realism of Logic's virtual instruments is the B3 Hammond organ. The virtual instrument is set up to look just like an actual B3 organ. Its drawbars and percussion switches not only look like the real thing, but affect the B3 in a real-life way. The sounds and tones are impeccable. Logic furthers your control of the B3 by allowing you to adjust the parameters within the cabinet. If you have a specific artist's tone in mind, you can look through the presets to find different artists' Hammond tones. And the Hammond is only the beginning of Logic's lifelike plugins.

Logic Pro X's virtual drummer track is second to none. The track works as a digital session drummer, consisting of different drummers with various backgrounds and playing styles. You can also change the type of drum kit it uses. What is cool and kind of strange about the session drummer track is that it doesn't need to be played first. For instance, if you record a bass line, the session drummer plays to the bass line. You don't need to start with the drums and play around that. Over time, like with any rhythm section, the drummer actually gets better and more comfortable with the way you play. It makes the digital drum track feel like a real person, and the result is better music production.

As with the Hammond B3, you have complete control over the drum track. There are parameters, just like with any virtual instrument, that allow you to control exactly how the session drummer plays. You can adjust whether it plays with swing or straight ahead, how hard it hits the drums, and more. You can essentially create your ideal session drummer and then let the drummer do the rest.

Logic Pro X is strong music creation software to give you the feel and sound of real instruments. There are many virtual instrument tools within Logic Pro X that it feels like you have an entire studio worth of instrumentation at your disposal.