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Cubase Pro 8.5 Review

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Cubase is arguably the second most recognizable name in the recording software world (Pro Tools being the first, of course). Cubase has made massive strides from past versions. Some of the first versions only allowed for eight audio tracks of audio to be simultaneously recorded. Also, you could only add two insert effects per channel. Today, the full version of Cubase offers limitless recording and a ton of great-sounding plugins. Cubase is a giant in terms of audio editing prowess.

What's Unique

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When you transfer audio data from one DAW to another, it can be a bit of a pain. There are a handful of steps to take before you export the audio stems – one of them is rendering audio. Cubase has a render-in-place feature that is extra convenient to use. If you have a handful of MIDI tracks you need to render into WAV files before you export them, you can right click on the file and follow the menu down to the render-in-place function to get started. A dialogue box opens up with different rendering options, including keeping all of the EQ and effects that may be inserted into the file. You can also render the MIDI file as a raw WAV file with no additional equalization or inserts. Rendering in place not only saves you time when rendering your file, but it also saves your CPU from being taxed by several inserts running simultaneously.

This recording studio software also offers a great way to compile audio tracks, also known as comp recording. In the arrangement window, you highlight a section that you want to loop record. From there, you don't have to worry about recording over audio – this is actually compiling all your records for you to edit later. After you are done, you click on the comp recording button within the track listing and all of the different audio takes that you've made will be stacked one above the other. After you select the finger icon, you simply highlight the best part from each take to create a master recording. If you want, you can literally highlight the entire master recording and press X to automatically add crossfades to blend the entire recording together. This makes it easy to create a master audio take from several different pieces of audio.

This music studio software has a ton of audio editing features beyond comp recording and rendering in place, but we found these processes exceptionally easy to use within the program.

Cubase Pro 8.5 Visit Site