Imagine-Line FL Studio is one of the oldest recording studio programs around. Back in the earliest iterations of FL Studio, this music recording software was best known as a MIDI drum sequencer. It didn't possess any external instrument recording capabilities and only featured a handful of plugins to create software-based music. The FL Studio of today operates like a typical DAW with tons of recording, mixing and music editing capabilities. FL Studio has come a long way from its inception, but the drum sequencer is still the centerpiece of its music creation process.

What's Unique

FL Studio's drum sequencer is also one of the simplest drum sequencers to use. Many DAWs include drum sequencers within their list of plugins, but many of them are difficult to use. The simplicity of FL Studio's drum sequencer is what makes this studio recording software unique.

The drum sequencer is made up of audio channels and buttons within each audio channel. Each channel can represent a single instrument – for example, one audio channel for a kick drum, one for a snare drum, one for hi-hats and so on. Each button corresponds to a single beat or note within the measure. By clicking on a button, it activates that specific note in the sequence. Because there isn't any complicated programming involved, even the most novice musician can create drum loops using the simplified drum sequencer. You can drag and drop instruments and sounds into the sequencer and then follow the simple step-building process to create more elaborate music loops.

The FL Studio library of sounds and plugins is huge. There are a ton of different sounds you can drag from the browser into the sequencer. The Fruity edition of FL Studio comes with hundreds of plugins and sounds. As you upgrade to the Producer and Signature editions, more and more loops, sounds and plugins are added. The Signature Bundle edition completely unlocks all the sounds and plugins the software has to offer.

This professional recording software is getting more and more powerful, but it never lost sight of what made it unique. The drum sequencer allows novice users to create entire songs with limited musical knowledge, but there are enough plugins, virtual instruments and sounds within the software to impress more seasoned musicians as well. 

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