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Magix Music Maker 1.1.1 Review

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Magix offers a collection of recording software for a range of users. Magix Music Maker is a highly affordable DAW that is simple enough for the most novice users to grasp. Music Maker comes in two different flavors – Regular and Premium. Premium doubles down on just about everything the regular version offers. If you find that you need more recording capability than the regular version has to offer, you can switch over to Premium without it costing you substantially to upgrade.

What's Unique

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This Windows recording software's true strength is ease of use. Even the most novice user can turn on Music Maker and start creating songs. This is due to its large loop library, clearly constructed virtual instruments and drag-and-drop functionality.

Like many of the home recording studio programs in this buying guide, Music Maker has the ability to record external instruments. You can use this software to mix and master music, especially thanks to the mastering suite built into the software. Magix, especially the premium version, has a giant library of loops and sounds – over 6,000 loops to be specific. The loops cover an array of genres as well, including funk, rock, electronic, hip-hop and more.

Implementing the loops into the arrangement window is convenient. You can select a loop and simply drag and drop it into the arrangement area to create an audio track. When you drop a loop into the arrangement area, the created track displays an icon with the type of instrument being used. These small touches keep everything organized within the arrangement window, especially after tracks start to add up. Once in the arrangement window, the loops can be snapped together by placing them next to one another. You can also crossfade one loop into another by laying the beginning of one loop over the end of another. No extra steps are needed. Since the loops are so diverse in style and genre, you can create an entire song simply from the loops within the software. This is a nice way to get the creative juices in a novice musician flowing.

Samplers can be among the most confusing plugins to use. Many of them are flooded with buttons, knobs and adjustable parameters. The Vita Sampler within Magix Music Maker is one of the easiest samplers to use. It doesn't have an unwieldy amount of buttons or parameters. Its layout is basic to say the least. It takes a clip of audio and chops it up into sections that can easily be recalled by pressing the large color coded buttons. Think of it as a musical form of that old game Simon – the one where you press the buttons in the order the game tells you to –but with this software, you determine the pattern in which the audio clips are played. This allows you to reimagine and shine new light on an existing audio clip and turns something old into something brand new. It is one of the easiest and most fun plugins within the software.

Magix Music Maker isn't a giant in the home studio software world, but it is making a name for itself. There are unique tools within the DAW, and its loop library as well as easy functionality make it especially relatable to beginning users. Music Maker is the simplest recording software in the Magix library. If you exhaust all the resources within Magix Music Maker, you can check out Samplitude and Samplitude Pro X.

Magix Music Maker 1.1.1 Visit Site