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Mobistealth Pro Review

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PROS / It can log your child's keystrokes on any app or browser.

CONS / It does not let you limit your child's phone usage time.

 VERDICT / The software gives you in-depth reporting, full device compatibility and the option to set up various restrictions and alerts, making it a great option.

Mobistealth is terrific cell phone parental control software because it tracks a wide variety of data, has incredible device compatibility and is easy to use. You can choose the plan length that best suits your needs and feel confident that the product can keep you in tune with your kids' cell phone activity. For these reasons, this software earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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One thing we really like about this cell phone spyware is that it has multiple plan-length options. You can opt for a quarterly, semiannual or yearlong plan, letting you find the right fit for your needs without being stuck with a plan that outlasts your needs. When you purchase the software, you'll be automatically enrolled in a recurring subscription plan. This gives you something to plan into your budget if you know you'll need continuous surveillance, but you'll also have to remember to cancel it if you won't need to continue monitoring.

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The software is also compatible with all the major operating systems for mobile devices: iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Only one other program on our lineup has this kind of flexibility.

Monitored Data

This software can monitor most of your child's cell phone activity. Whether you need to see their calls and texts, GPS history or installed apps, Mobistealth keeps you in the loop. It can even log deleted content and keystrokes, making it difficult for your child to cover up activity. However, like most software in this category, it can only track chats, email and social media activity if you root the device, which we do not advocate, given the various risks associated with doing so. Activity shows up quickly in your reports, so you can stay informed without wasting your time.

Limits & Alerts

As one of the best cell phone spyware applications on our lineup, Mobistealth lets you create a variety of restrictions for your child's internet activity. You can block certain apps and websites if you deem them inappropriate. The software can notify you when your child searches for certain inappropriate keywords online or uses them in texts. One limit you can't set on the software, however, is how much time your child is allowed to use their device each day for.


In our testing, we found the software to be wonderfully easy to install and use. It takes just a few minutes to install on the target device, and to start monitoring, you simply log in to Mobistealth's website, open the target device and start viewing activity. The website has a simple look to it, but it is clean, organized and easy to navigate. Each category tab shows you the correlating activity, such as text messages or installed apps. The software runs invisibly on the device, so your child likely won't notice it. The feature we like best is the live viewing function, as it lets you stay up to date on your child's activity without much delay.

Help & Support

You have three options open to you for contacting the software manufacturer directly: live chat, phone and email. You can use whichever method is most convenient for you. If you don't want to talk to anyone directly but still have questions or are simply curious to learn more about the software, you can check out the knowledgebase on the website.


Mobistealth makes your life easier, letting you monitor your child's cell phone without wading through a complex website to view the report data. Its massive device compatibility and plan-length flexibility work to fit your needs while helping you monitor an array of possible activity. The limit and alert options let you stay in the loop of how your kids use their cell phones.

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