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Witigo Review

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PROS / You can filter web access through 27 categories, creating custom lists of allowed and forbidden sites.

CONS / It is only available in one-year terms, not allowing for shorter monitoring periods.

 VERDICT / This software has powerful filters and can track a wide variety of activity, though it's a bit restrictive or cumbersome in some aspects.

Ensuring your kids are safe when they're online or using their smartphones is critical nowadays. Witigo is cell phone parental control software that helps give you peace of mind if your kids have their own cell phones. With this software, you can track your kids' smartphone activity, set restrictions and receive quality reports without breaking the bank. It has some limitations compared to the best phone spyware, though.

Witigo is only available in one-year terms or longer, thereby removing the option to use the cell phone spyware on a more temporary basis. If you know you need to monitor the cell phone for a long period of time, this works well, but you may want to consider a more flexible option if you don't want to monitor for so long.

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The best cell phone spyware can track a wide variety of activity and provide you with simple, clear reports. Witigo tracks most activity and data, revealing your child's conversations, browser history, current GPS location, and even photos and videos they take with the device. However, it doesn't show calendar events, which would let you monitor your child's appointments and social plans.

You can limit what kind of content your child can view in apps or online by using the filter, which has 27 categories that you can block or allow. The filter works on the device's native browser and also on third-party browsers, such as Google Chrome. You can also limit phone usage time by blocking off hour long chunks on the calendar, letting your child have access for a few hours after school or on the weekends. In our testing, we found this to be a bit annoying and time-consuming to set up, as every time you click on an hour module on the monitoring website, the page refreshes. You can also opt to be notified anytime your child searches for certain keywords.

The app is easy to install, but you have to do most of the setup work on the target device, rather than on the monitoring website. There is no login to the monitoring website from the manufacturer's site; you're sent the login link in an email upon purchase, and you have to save the email or bookmark the page in order to access it every single time, which we found to be annoying. The reporting function is simple, but still clear and visually appealing.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding the product, you can contact Witigo's customer support team via online form. It is easy to fill out and doesn't require you to jump through hoops. You can also browse the FAQs section on the website.


Witigo can track a wide variety of activity and provide quick reports. It also lets you set up a variety of restrictions through the impressive filter categories and create a custom list of allowed websites. Though it is somewhat limited by its device compatibility and one-year plan length, it is backed by good customer service and is good parental monitoring software for the price.