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Pros / This company has an impressive 60 server locations and more than 25,000 IP addresses that mask your identity.

Cons / This web proxy lacks live chat and does not list a phone number for phone support on its website.

 Verdict / Your data and identity will be secure and anonymous when you use this web proxy.

Editor's note: A newer version of this service is available. The manufacturer now offers the following features: 40,000 IP addresses and 325 servers in 60 countries. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this service when we next update the Proxy Services reviews.

IPVanish has a large VPN network that gives you many options when you are choosing servers based on your proxy-service needs. This company has 180 servers in 60 different locations across the country and around the world. It also has 25,000 IP addresses that it cycles through to protect your location and identity for you while you browse the web.

The proxy software this company uses in one of the best we tested. Setting up an account, logging in and downloading the software was a seamless process. The dashboard allows you to select a server by location or by need. The labels for connecting and disconnecting are all clearly marked, so you never have to wonder where to click.

You can use IPVanish VPN on Android and Apple devices and surf anonymously with this proxy browser. We found it especially useful that this service is Windows phone compatible as well. You can use this service on two electronic devices, but only one of them can be an OpenVPN connection. Other proxy services we reviewed offer use on more than two devices. This is the only web proxy that restricts the number of devices that can have an OpenVPN connection.

This proxy service provides 24-hour email tech support and promptly responds to emails. The service says it provides live chat during EST business hours, but it was offline during those hours when we tested. There's a user forum and FAQs on the company website that offer step-by-step installation help.

When you connect to IPVanish VPN's servers, you can choose to create a virtual private network connection via OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP. OpenVPN is the safest and most secure connection of the three, but it's good to have multiple options. Depending on the type of VPN you select, the tunnel that your data moves through has SSL or TSL encryption. TSL encryption is the stronger of the two options.

The data is encrypted using 256-bit encryption, the most advanced security encryption available. This causes your data to move a little slower, but the tradeoff may be worth it if you're transporting sensitive information or if you just want the most security.

IPVanish VPN does not typically restrict bandwidth but may restrict it if you use large amounts of data each month. Keep in mind that you'll still be subject to the bandwidth regulations that your internet service provider enforces.


IPVanish VPN offers thousands of IP addresses and a large number of server locations. It provides the highest encryption options to keep your data and connection secure. When you establish your initial connection with IPVanish VPN, you'll probably need to use the setup directions online since it requires some configuration. The instructions are clear and easy to use. Once IPVanish VPN is on your computer, it does a great job of masking your IP address and securely transporting your data.

IPVanish VPN Visit Site