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PerfectDisk Pro 14 Review

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PerfectDisk disk defragmentation software offers several tools to help you improve your computer's performance. It works with traditional hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs), and you don't have to remember to schedule a scan.

This defragmenter automatically runs in the background. Its resource-throttling capability allows it to run without interfering with the programs you are using. You can set the throttle to raise or lower the priority assigned to the program.

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Once you install PerfectDisk Pro, StealthPatrol starts right away. That's how this disk defragmenter application runs, so it doesn't distract you while you work. It automatically organizes your files using OptiWrite, which monitors the process for potential issues. OptiWrite detects inefficient storage practices and redirects your saved data to prevent fragmentation before it happens. With PerfectDisk, you can select a full-system or partial-system scan to target specific folders.

The advanced boot time defrag capability handles programs like Windows pagefile.sys or the system’s MTF, which cannot be defragmented while Windows is in operation. As with other software’s boot time defragmentation tools, this adds extra speed to your computer.

You can also use PerfectDisk to organize SSDs. It allocates free space into large, open areas without touching fragmented files. This protects the drive and eliminates some future fragmentation. According to the company, this software also includes smart monitoring, which detects potential issues and provides visual alerts to show which parts of your PC need attention.

PerfectDisk comes with SMART monitoring capabilities that oversee the status of physical drives and generate warnings when your hardware is not performing reliably. This can help you discover potential problems before they happen. It also provides application event logs, so you can see what programs ran when, which can help in troubleshooting issues.

You can use PerfectDisk Pro for Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista. It also works with Windows Home Server. If you decide to purchase a software package, you'll want to check to ensure you have the application for the correct edition of Windows installed on your computer. Windows Home Server uses a slightly different version of the software to produce similar results.

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