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The Bouqs review

In our The Bouqs review we're impressed by the originality of the site's arrangements, but disappointed by the lack of delivery options and the quality of our flowers.

The Bouqs review
(Image: © The Bouqs Company)

Our Verdict

The Bouqs offers some delightfully inventive arrangements, but is somewhat let down by delivery options and the actual quality of what you get.


  • Subscription available
  • Easy sorting and ordering
  • Farm direct sourcing
  • Large variety of plants and flowers used in most bouquets


  • Limited same day or next day delivery
  • Poor quality bouquet

We've created our The Bouqs review ordering a bouquet of flowers and evaluating the website, selection, and arrangement to see how it stacks up. The Bouqs Company is a relatively new player on the scene: established in 2014, the company debuted on the television show Shark Tank and has grown since. 

The Bouqs takes a difference approach to flower delivery than most traditional services. Its main selling point is directed at eco-conscious individuals who want to support small businesses. The Bouqs provides farm-to-table flowers by partnering with eco-friendly farms with sustainable growing practices or by local florists, depending on the bouquet you choose. In order to evaluate The Bouqs, we browsed the selection of flower arrangements and picked one that represented the average price and general aesthetic of the company's offerings. We chose the Showstopper in Original, and compared it to arrangements from the best flower delivery online services we'd already tested. Here's how it fares.

The Bouqs review: Website and selection

  • Eye-catching bouquets
  • Well-designed website
  • For more modern tastes

We were impressed by the beauty of all of the arrangements on The Bouqs website. Regardless of size and value, they were all equally eye-pleasing. Most, if not all of the bouquets have a slightly more bohemian aesthetic, leaning toward more pastel colors than bright colors, much like the ones you find at UrbanStems. The arrangements seem to be more uneven than the classic uniform look. We also noticed that The Bouqs likes to integrate plants and succulents into their bouquets for more diverse arrangements that stand out from the competition in the space. If you're looking for a classic arrangement, there are a few options, but with only about 130 bouquets available, there won't necessarily be something for everyone here. A more mainstream site like 1-800 Flowers has more choice, but less creative bouquets. 

The Bouqs has a well-organized website that's a breeze to browse. You can refine results by event or occasion, price, flower type, and more. Because only some bouquets are available the same day or the next day, you can refine results by that criteria, too. 

The Bouqs review: the site is easy to browse

The Bouqs review: the site is easy to browse (Image credit: The Bouqs Company)

The Bouqs review: Prices and value

Across The Bouqs's website, we were pleased to see relatively affordable prices. Even the biggest and the fanciest arrangements were mostly under $100, with a few just over $100. Most are priced from $40 to $60, which is cheaper than many similar arrangements of comparable size and quality from other services. Be aware, tough, that the price of the bouquet does not include taxes and fees, which can add nearly $20 to the price of each order. In our view, ProFlowers leads the way for value. 

The Bouqs review: Ordering and delivery

  • Not the best for same-day or next-day delivery
  • No add-ons
  • Subscription available

Ordering from The Bouqs is a pleasant experience overall, but a word of caution: if you're looking for a bouquet to be delivered the same day or the next day, don't waste time browsing the entire selection - go straight the right section to see what's available. 

If you're ordering in advance, you'll also want to have several options to choose from. We found the delivery date availability variable across the selection. Some bouquets were only available one week out of the month, while others couldn't be delivered on Sundays or Mondays. Because of this, we wouldn't recommend The Bouqs for last-minute buyers. 

In terms of price, we ordered a $59 bouquet, but we paid a total of $83.84 after additional taxes and fees. We had our arrangement delivered on a weekday, but had we ordered it to be delivered on a Saturday, we would have paid an additional fee for weekend delivery. This is standard across most sites, but still a negative.

Once we picked our bouquet, placing the order was easy. You can opt to include a message for the recipient, but there are no add-ons like balloons or chocolates or greeting cards to include in the order. There are, however, gifts for purchase, such as candles and jewelry. Be advised that these gifts can't be purchased on their own - they are included in ore-determined arrangement bundles.

Before checking out, we noticed that the glass vase was automatically added to our order. It's an easy detail to miss, so we recommend reviewing your order closely before checking out. We were pleased to see that The Bouqs offers a subscription service for those who want to give a gift that keeps on giving. The subscription knocks off up to 30% off some bouquets, too, so it's good value. 

The Bouqs review: Arrangement quality

  • Very disappointing product
  • Flowers arrived in a box in poor condition
  • Difficult to maintain
What we tested

The Bouqs review

(Image credit: The Bouqs)

Arrangement: Showstopper
Included: None
Size:  Original - 12 mixed stems with a plantable succulent
$59 + taxes and fees
Pink roses, succulents, and more
Added extras:

After reading all of the customer reviews for The Bouqs, we were excited to receive our arrangement. However, to say that we were disappointed doesn't begin to touch on how our reviewers felt about the product. 

Our bouquet arrived in a box, as it was shipped directly from the source of the flowers. Although this protected the bouquet from the elements, it was poorly protected from wear and tear: a handful of buds and petals immediately fell off the bouquet when we opened the box and, when we took a good look at the bouquet, we all agreed that it was 'sad'-looking and sparse. In fact, while we thought that it could potentially match-up to the photo on the website, we didn't think it would ever realistically reach that level of appeal, even in perfect condition. We didn't think that the flowers would reach full bloom upon arrival, but what we found disappointing is that the pink roses were bruised, and the outside petals were brown. All the flowers, with the exception of the succulent, were already drooping. To top it off, there were a lot more leaves in our arrangement than there were in the photo online. 

In an attempt to salvage the arrangement, we followed the care instructions and put it an a water-filled vase with the packet of plant food that was provided. We don't recommend that anyone do this outside their home, as cutting the stems, especially the stem for the succulent, requires heavy-duty shears (regular scissors simply won't do). Even then, we found the bouquet disappointing to look at, and it never really perked up.

As for the complementary message we included for ourselves, we thought that it was of much better quality than most of the notes we received from other online flower delivery services. It's printed on paper that's then glued into The Bouqs Company branded greeting card. For ours, we thought that whoever pasted the note into the card could have done a better job, as it was a little haphazardly done, but given that some providers like Harry & David flowers print the note on the delivery slip, this is one of the best we received. 

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Our arrangement from The Bouqs was very disappointing

Our arrangement from The Bouqs was very disappointing (Image credit: Future)

Our bouquet

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(Image credit: Future)
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(Image credit: Future)
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This is how our arrangement was delivered

This is how our arrangement was delivered (Image credit: Future)

The Bouqs review: Customer service

The Bouqs customers can reach out to customer service by message, but the company has a page dedicated to frequently asked questions on a variety of topics, from order modifications to account management to flower care. Many people have expressed satisfaction with customer service representatives, saying that their queries were addressed within 24 hours or less. The Bouqs also has a "Happiness Guarantee" that ensures that they will do everything to make their customers happy. From what we've seen, they do live up to this claim.

The Bouqs review: Customer reviews

  • Mostly positive customer reviews with a few exceptions

We've seen mostly positive customer reviews for The Bouqs Company. Most people are amazed by the beauty and the quality of the bouquets, especially for such an affordable price. Many of the reviewers have also recruited The Bouqs for their wedding arrangements, indicating that it is a trusted service for special occasions. Of course, there were a few unhappy customers - but the rave reviews we read greatly outweigh those few. This is at odds with the flowers we received, so keep in mind that The Bouqs is an inconsistent provider and you could be unlucky, depending on the supplier.

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