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ProFlowers review

Our ProFlowers review finds that the site is an inconsistent service, with big hits and even bigger misses.

ProFlowers review
(Image: © Facebook / ProFlowers)

Our Verdict

ProFlowers is very affordable, but it falls down with consistency - both in terms of service and the quality of the flowers you get.


  • Relatively low prices and many affordable options
  • Large and varied selection
  • Add-ons and gifts available at checkout
  • Same-day and next-day delivery available


  • Not the best looking bouquets
  • Bouquet did not arrive as advertised
  • Overwhelmingly negative customer reviews

We've updated our ProFlowers review, ordering an arrangement to evaluate the ordering process, the quality of the flowers, and the customer experience. ProFlowers is an online flower delivery service, established in 1998. Its parent company is FTD (Florists' Transworld Delivery), another flower company. FTD and Proflowers partner 30,000 floral shops in more than 125 countries to provide quality arrangements at competitive prices. 

In order to review Proflowers, we browsed over 100 options to select one that we believe best represented the aesthetic and the average price of the majority of the bouquets that could be purchased for multiple kinds of occasions. We settled on the small-sized Peachy Keen bouquet with a vase. We were pleased with our experience with Proflowers, which is included in out list of the best flower delivery online services. As part of our test, we ordered the same bouquet from FTD to compare the results. 

ProFlowers review: Website and selection

  • Easy-to-browse website
  • Not the largest selection
  • Very average-looking bouquets

Before ordering our arrangement, we extensively browsed the ProFlowers selection before committing to one. We were pleased to see that we were able to see all arrangements on one page, as well view arrangements sorted by occasion, recipient, flower type, and flower color. You can also browse a section dedicated to plants and gifts, which include chocolate, fruit baskets, bundles, and more.

We found the ProFlowers selection to be mid-range - there are, in total, 156 bouquets to choose from. That is by no means small, but it's not as extensive as sites like 1-800 Flowers. We were more impressed with the large selection of plants available for purchase, as well as the variety of gifts you can buy along with your flowers or bouquet.

When we made our selection, the Peachy Keen bouquet with a vase included, we found the product page to be very informative and well-organized. The arrangement's dimensions are included, as well as some (but not all) of the flowers that make up the bouquet. We weren't blown away by the appearance of the bouquets. They seemed rather standard and unoriginal - not unpleasant to look at, but not as good as the ones on UrbanStems

ProFlowers review: The selection of bouquets is very good

ProFlowers review: The selection of bouquets is very good (Image credit: ProFlowers)

ProFlowers review: Prices and value

We were impressed with the price range of ProFlowers' bouquets. We found arrangements that cost as little as $30, with options going all the way up to $280. Many of the more expensive bouquets are sympathy and funeral arrangements. There are actually very few arrangements that cost over $100 without taxes and fees. Although the none of the bouquets appeared to particularly special or original, ProFlowers will likely have an arrangement your loved one will appreciate - and one that won't break the bank. 

ProFlowers review: Ordering and delivery

  • Clear step-by-step ordering process
  • National and select international delivery
  • Some same-day and next-day delivery, depending on the bouquet

Ordering from ProFlowers is a seamless experience, although we recommend that customers have a few options in mind depending on their intended delivery date. The step-by-step ordering process ensures that you don't forget anything: the date of delivery, location, bouquet size, and any gifts that you would like to include, such as chocolates or a card (these come at an extra cost). You can, alternatively, add a complementary gift message at checkout. 

What we found a little confusing was that you won't know the total cost of your purchase until you input your card information and tap on "Review order." This is one step before confirming the order, but we think that, with so many taxes and fees, the total should be advertised before this point in the process. In fact, for a $45 bouquet, we paid $15 in shipping and service fees, $3 in care and handling charges, and nearly $6 in taxes. That totalled $68.57, which is a significant hike in price. 

ProFlowers delivers nationally, with some international delivery. In the section dedicated to international delivery, you can select the country you will be sending the arrangement to. Each country has its own selection of flowers than can be sent. A fair warning: these arrangements are generally more expensive than the ones you'll find on the US site. 

ProFlowers is also somewhat inconsistent in terms of same-day or next-day delivery. The days available for delivery depend on the bouquet selected. ProFlowers has a section dedicated to arrangements that can be delivered the next day - so if you're in a pinch, we suggest checking that section first. 

ProFlowers review: Arrangement quality

  • Flowers arrived in great condition
  • Bouquet did not come as advertised
What we tested

ProFlowers review

(Image credit: ProFlowers)

Arrangement: Peachy Keen Bouquet by FTD
Included: orange glass vase
Size:  "Good"
$45 + taxes and fees
Daisy, Gerbera Daisy, Rose, Snapdragon
Added extras:

At first, we were quite impressed and pleasantly surprised by our ProFlowers arrangements: the flowers were fresh and in great condition. The arrangement itself was appropriately sized for the vase it came in, and bouquet was well-balanced between blooms and filler foliage. It arrived wrapped in plastic, so anyone can see the beauty of the bouquet as it arrives, but it is still relatively well- protected from the elements and travel mishaps. Our testers agreed that this bouquet was one of the best looking bouquets we received in the office. 

However, it didn't look like the bouquet we ordered. Because ProFlowers partners with local florists who fulfill their orders, depending on the location of delivery, the bouquet your recipient received can be a variation of the bouquet advertised on the ProFlowers website, depending on the resources available to the florist. Ours contained red daisies, not blush-colored daisies. And our vase was pink, not orange. Normally, this wouldn't make much of a difference in terms of our review - but the bouquet is called "Peachy Keen," which certainly implies that all the flowers should be on the same color palette. This was not the case for our bouquet. The leader for delivering on what's promised on the site is still Teleflora in 2020.

The note we included for ourselves arrived printed on the same card as the delivery address and the bar code, which didn't make for a very elegant addition (similar to our delivery from Harry & David flowers). We recommend having your own greeting card handy or including a greeting card for an extra cost in your order instead of opting for the complementary message. The care instructions were short, but included on the same card as the note. If you need more advice, we have a flower care guide all ready for you.

Overall, we thought this was a nice-looking bouquet - but we couldn't help but be bothered by the discrepancy between the product delivered and the flowers advertised on the website. 

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The ProFlower bouquet was close to that on the website

The ProFlower bouquet was close to that on the website (Image credit: Future)

Our bouquet

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(Image credit: Future)
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(Image credit: Future)

ProFlowers review: Customer service

ProFlowers has a helpful customer service page where customers can find the answers to common questions such as how to modify an order. ProFlowers also provides its policies on payment, deliveries, and other topics. The company is particularly proud of both its "The Love or Well Make It Right Promise" and the "7 Day Freshness Guarantee." Essentially, the company vows to ensure that customers are satisfied with their flower arrangements. However, as many customer reviews note, the company's standards have fallen. 

If your question is not addressed in the FAQ section, you can choose to chat, email, or call a customer service representative. Many buyers have expressed frustration in trying to communicate with these representatives, as the customer service portion of the business appears to have been outsourced to a foreign country. 

ProFlowers review: Customer reviews

  • Most reviews bemoan inconsistent service
  • Most customer complaints have to do with missed delivery

We found that customer reviews for ProFlowers are mostly negative, despite there being decent-sized portion of customers who have reported a positive experience. However, a top complaint among displeased customers is that the flowers they ordered arrived later... or not at all. To make matters worse, they also report bad customer service: on various occasions, representatives refused to issue refunds or replacements for flowers that were damaged or wilted upon arrival, or for late deliveries. It also appears that the negative reviews are the latest ones. Many people say that they had been ordering from ProFlowers for years with no issue the last few years until recently.  We noted the overall inconsistent service, and this has been taken into account in our ProFlowers review. 

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