Skylink ATOMS ATR-1612C garage door opener review

Budget price doesn't have to mean bad quality, as this brilliant garage door opener proves

Skylink ATOMS ATR-1612C Review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Despite using a chain drive, the ATOMS ATR-1612C garage door opener is quiet and reliable.


  • +

    Good for those on a budget

  • +

    LED lighting included

  • +

    Chain drive is hard wearing


  • -

    Chain drive rather than a belt drive

  • -

    No WiFi built-in

  • -

    No backup battery

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We've researched the latest garage door openers, asked the experts, and sifted through thousands of specs, features and user reviews to find the best garage door openers around. Here's everything you need to know about the ATOMS ATR-1612C garage door opener.

ATOMS ATR-1612C garage door opener: What you need to know

The ATOMS ATR-1612C is a new addition to the SkyLink ATOMS range of garage door openers. It's a real bare-bones chain drive model, so we thought we'd include it in our buying guide for people who are shopping on a budget, as it's a good option to consider if you can live without a belt drive.

It's a very similar product to the $35 more expensive ATR-1612BK, in fact it's almost identical, except it doesn't come with the wireless keypad. Both models have a 1/2 horsepower motor and an enclosed chain drive. 

All the ATMOS models come with a built-in LED light, which is a great forward-looking feature, and works with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT smart home platforms if you purchase an additional smart hub.

In the box you get two sensors, a wall unit, a single remote control for your car and the chain drive itself, ready for you to assemble.

There's no backup battery included, but at this price you wouldn't expect there to be.

ATOMS ATR-1612C garage door opener: Price

This is a price anybody can get behind! Home Depot has the ATOMS ATR-1612C listed for just under $130. Clearly this is a budget model, so you might want to consider this solution for something like a rental property you own. SkyLink make a whole range of ATOMS garage door openers, including belt drives, at lots of different price points, so check out the whole range.

ATOMS ATR-1612C garage door opener: Features

Apart from the addition of an LED light, this is a pretty basic chain drive system, as its price would suggest. The light is a 12 watt light source, which should be sufficient for most garages.

ATOMS ATR-1612C: Key specs

Dimensions: 8.34 x 5 x 6-inches, rail length 7ft
30 lb
Type: Chain drive
Motor horsepower: 1/2
Battery backup: No
Remote controls: 1 included
Warranty: 6 years motor warranty, 1 year warranty for parts including the rail and belt, 1 year parts and accessories

The chain drive comes with a soft start and stop mechanism that increases the life of the unit over time. You may notice that SkyLink produced AT and ATR systems. The ATR in the name here indicates that this is a tube rail, as opposed to a T-Rail system. If you have a strong preference you should consider that in your purchase.

If you don't mind spending a bit more money there are some upgrades you can make here. For instance, there's no backup battery, but you can add on with an additional purchase. Also, there's no Wi-Fi built in, but you can add it with the addition of a smart hub called a SkylinkNet kit. If you purchase that then you can control the garage door opener from a smartphone.

(Image credit: Image source: Home Depot)

ATOMS ATR-1612C garage door opener: Performance

Since the SkyLink ATOMS ATR-1612C is such a new product there are no reports of how well it performs yet, however, we looked at the reports on the similar ATR-1612BK, which is the same model with an additional keypad.

In terms of performance the 1612BK is amazing people by how quiet it is for a chain drive, so if you have the perception that chain drives have to be noisy then think again. It certainly seems to be a durable, hassle-free piece of hardware. Also, people report that the light is certainly bright enough to light up the garage.

ATOMS ATR-1612C garage door opener: User reviews

People's main gripe with the AT-1612BK seems to be that it's not entirely clear that it doesn't have Wi-Fi. They are then disappointed that they have to spend around $100 more on the smart hub to get it connected with the phone or Alexa.

While the ATR-1612C is too new to have a rating on the Home Depot website, the 1612BK received a great rating of 4.8 out of 5 starts and has a 97% recommendation rating.

Should you buy the ATOMS ATR-1612C garage door opener?

Make no mistake - this is a bare-bones model. You only get 1 remote for your car, and there's no wireless remote for home. And for the really useful features like Wi-Fi and battery backup you'll have to pay extra. 

However, if you want a cheap, reliable garage door opener that has proved itself reliable then the SkyLink ATOMS family is a good one to become part of.

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