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Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener review

If you're looking for a garage door opener with amazing customer reviews and a bundle of great features then consider the Mighty Mule MM9545M

Mighty Mule MM9545M
(Image: © Mighty Mule)

Our Verdict

The Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener is a great option if your budget stretches this far.


  • A comprehensive set of features
  • LED lighting
  • Good user reviews


  • More expensive end of the market
  • Some users found installation difficult

We've researched the latest garage door openers, asked the experts, and sifted through thousands of specs, features and user reviews to find the best garage door openers around. Here's everything you need to know about the Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener.

Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener: What you need to know

The Mighty Mule MM9545M may not have the powerful Chamberlain brand behind it, but it is a fully-featured garage door opener, that has some really great customer reviews and is definitely considering. 

In the box you get everything you'd expect: two remotes, sensors, a rail and a wall panel. But it's also got built-in Wi-Fi and an LED light in addition, which puts it at the top of the range in terms of features.

It's a belt-drive model, so it's quiet compared to the chain drives found on older garage door openers and installation is reportedly fairly easy.

So, let's take a closer look at what the Mighty Mule MM9545M offers.

Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener: Price

Home Depot is listing the MM8545M for $289.06 at the time of writing, which places this model at the top end of the garage door opener market. Considering how many features it has, this is to be expected, but it's still cheaper than the similarly feature-packed Chamberlain B1381.

Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener: Features

The MM9545M has got all the features that you'd want from a garage door opener, and more. 

The MM9545M comes with Wi-Fi and to make best use of it you'll find it has its own app, called that Mighty Mule Smart Control App. Once downloaded this app enables you to do everything you'd expect, namely, to open and close your garage door from your smartphone.

Mighty Mule MM9545M: Key Specs

Dimensions: 12 x 15.5 x 29.5-inches, rail length 9.8ft
36.15 lb
Type: Belt drive
Motor horsepower: 1 1/4
Battery backup: Yes
Remote controls: 2 included
Warranty: 1 year accessories/electronics, 5 years parts, lfetime motor, belt & LED lights

There's a built-in LED light with the Mighty Mule too, which is handy, and the LED has a lifetime warranty. The light actually has 3 banks, so it will light up your garage well and the brightness can be adjusted to make it exactly as light as you want it to be.

The other vital feature that the MM9545M has is a backup battery. This will keep you going in the event of a power cut and is probably vital if you live in an area that suffers from frequent power outages.

(Image credit: Image source: Home Depot)

Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener: Performance

When it comes to performance, the MM9545M seems to have gone down a storm with the public. It's quiet, it has all the features people want and it's very reliable. 

Like the other garage door openers we looked at, it's designed for a 7 foot high garage door. You'll need a different model for a bigger door.

A decent warranty on the motor, belt and LED light mean that you don't have to worry about anything wearing out.

Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener: User reviews

The customer reviews of the Mighty Mule MM9545M are very positive. People seem to have found it fairly straightforward to install and there have been relatively few problems reported. 

On the Home Depot website, the MM9545M scored a staggering 5/5 stars with a healthy 100% recommendation rate. That's the highest customer rating of all the garage door openers we looked at in our buying guide. 

Should you buy the Mighty Mule MM9545M garage door opener?

We think the Mighty Mule MM9545M is a great buy. It's done well in customer reviews and has all the features you need. It's a belt-drive, so it's nice and quiet and the warranty is 5 years on parts.

The Mighty Mule MM9545M is priced nicely between the Chamberlain B970 and the Chamberlain B1381, and we think it's a great alternative if you want to go with the Mighty Mule brand.

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