Acorn Stairlifts review

Fast service with next-day installation available in some areas

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Acorn is the best choice if you need a stairlift installed fast.


  • +

    Fast delivery

  • +

    Indoor and outdoor lifts available

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    Holds up to 350 pounds


  • -

    Short battery life

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    Limited selection

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    No transparent pricing

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The best part of Acorn stairlifts is the fast turnaround from the moment you place your order until it is installed in your home, cutting down the time you need to wait for more independence and safety. Most lifts are installed within three days of purchase, though there are several areas where next day installation is available.

You order your Acorn stairlift through a representative that is sent to your home to assess your exact needs and take measurements. This ensures your lift arrives and is installed right the first time. When installed, Acorn lifts are not mounted to your walls, so there is no need for additional remodeling or major construction. All stairlifts come with Acorn’s standard one year warranty.

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Acorn Stairlifts: What you need to know

  • Doesn’t mount to walls
  • Wide, comfortable seats
  • Indoor and outdoor lift models

Acorn offers three different stairlift models, an indoor straight, an indoor curved and an outdoor chair. All three are mounted to your stair rail and not your wall, which makes installation quicker and less invasive. Acorn also has its lifts ready to install so once you put in your order it only takes a few days before the technician arrives to install the lift. In some areas next-day installation is available.

One unique feature of Acorn stairlifts is the wide, padded seat each model comes with. Each one is well padded for comfort with curved, rather than straight edges that are more naturally conforming to the body. These are large enough to accommodate heavier individuals without compromising comfort. Both Acorn 130 models hold up to 350 pounds while the 180 Curved model holds up to 265 pounds. When not in use, the seat folds up out of the way to allow others to use the stairs without the worry of bumping into it. 

The Acorn 130 is the most popular model available with both an indoor and an outdoor version. Both hold up to 350 pounds and include a one year warranty. The biggest difference between the two are two types of rails used depending on if you are mounting the lift indoors or outside. 

Indoors, the rails are attached to the railing in your stairwell. Smaller rails and chairs are available for slimmer stairwells. For outdoor lifts, the rails are attached to the steps themselves instead of your walls.

This stairlift has directional paddle switch controls that are easy to operate even for users with limited dexterity. The seat, arms, and footrest of the Acorn 130 are padded and foldable and the seat swivels for convenience when getting on and off the carriage. Its safety features include a seat belt to keep you secured and five safety sensors to stop the unit if it detects an obstruction.

The Acorn 130 uses a 24-volt rechargeable battery to power the lift and keep it going even during power outages. The lift doesn’t have charging strips along the rails and can only charge its battery while parked.

How much will your Acorn stairlift cost?


(Image credit: Acorn)

Acorn doesn’t give any details about how much the stairlifts cost on its website. Instead, you are encouraged to fill in a request form to get a free quote. However, quotes are only given after a representative has visited your home to get the final measurements. This is because each stairlift will be different depending on the length of the rails, the type of seating and whether the rails need to be straight or curved. A quick search of customers that have purchased an indoor stairlift from Acorn suggests they paid between $3,000 and $5,000 installed. An outdoor stairlift will cost an average of $2,000 more.

All three Acorn stairlift models come with a one year warranty. This isn’t as long of a warranty as we would like to see for such a large investment. For example, Bruno ensures its lifts with a minimum five year warranty with some of its models covered for a lifetime.

What customers have to say about Acorn

For the price, most consumers are satisfied with their purchase from Acorn. The biggest complaint we’ve seen is that the battery to the lift doesn’t last long. Acorn claims batteries should last for five years, but a lot of users claim their batteries last only two. In order to replace this, or any other part of your Acorn stairlift, you need to contact Acorn directly to send a technician to your home because the company doesn’t partner with any third-party technicians or sell replacement batteries and parts to anyone. Each time a technician comes to your home Acorn will charge you for the visit. 

Acorn: Verdict

The biggest drawback of an Acorn stairlift is the battery life isn’t very long. In order to change it, you need to schedule a technician to come out and do it for you because Acorn doesn’t sell its batteries, or replacement parts, to the public or third-party technicians. This will have a hefty cost attached to it. 

However, it is worth buying an Acorn stairlift if you need one installed quickly. Most models can be in your home within three days of purchase with several areas offering next-day delivery and installation.

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