Acuma stand mixer review

The Acuma stand mixer is an excellent budget appliance, with multiple attachments and six speeds, so you can bake to your heart’s content.

Acuma stand mixer
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The Acuma stand mixer is a capable contender to high-end models, with attachments that would make it a versatile addition to any kitchen. If your budget is on the smaller side, an Acuma stand mixer will deliver on both power and practicality, with an impressive motor and lightweight design making it easy to store away.


  • +

    Six speeds to power through any mixture

  • +

    Three heads for light to heavy-duty mixing

  • +

    Extremely affordable


  • -

    Bowl is too large for small batches to be mixed

  • -

    No additional attachments available for purchase

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The Acuma stand mixer is a great budget alternative to the higher-priced best stand mixers, with features designed to attentively mix a whole range of foods. Whether you want to whip up pizza dough or crepes, the Acuma stand mixer is capable of doing all manual mixing for you. In terms of how it will fit into your kitchen, it is a lightweight, quietly operating appliance, making it a great fit for family homes.  

Acuma stand mixer review: Features  

Despite the Acuma stand mixer’s position as a budget alternative to more expensive models, there are still plenty of features that make this appliance a worthwhile purchase in its own right. 

In terms of practicality, the handles built into the six-quart mixing bowl allow for a smooth transition to a mixing position once the ingredients are set, as well as a tilt-head design that helps with maneuvering accessories. The Acuma stand mixer is also fitted with a splash guard to prevent any kitchen messes, as well as three mixing heads to suit high and low-intensity work. The three metal mixing heads consist of a whisk for lighter mixtures, a dough hook to make mixes for bread, and a beater for medium heaving mixing, like making cookie dough. 

The Acuma stand mixer is controlled by a dial that allows the user to select one of six speeds, as well as a pulse function. It also features a blue LED light as a power indicator, so you can easily keep track of how the mixing is going and know when your mixer is set to work. This stand mixer also has plenty of safety features in order to bring peace of mind to your kitchen. This includes four anti-slip silicone suction cups to prevent any jolts that may happen during the mixing process and keep any accidents from occurring.

At under $150, the Acuma stand mixer is great value for money when compared to other brands on the market, whilst still being equipped with some excellent features. If you’re searching for a mixer that won’t break the bank, the Acuma stand mixer is a solid choice. It’s also available in seven different colors, meaning you can customize its exterior to your own home with ease. The colors available are black, red, blue, champagne, pink, royal blue, and silver. 

The warranty for the Acuma stand mixer is one year from the date of purchase. It’s worth noting that many reviewers on Amazon found customer services to be prompt and helpful when faced with issues, but the year-long warranty itself is not too impressive. 

Acuma stand mixer: Performance and size 

  • Height: 12.36 inches
  • Width: 9.37 inches 
  • Length: 15.24 inches 

The Acuma stand mixer boasts a 660-watt motor, making it an extremely powerful appliance that would have no issue working through even the thickest of bread or pizza doughs. This makes it a great alternative to devices such as the KitchenAid Artisan, which only has half of the power in watts of the Acuma stand mixer. 

In terms of size, stand mixers can often be extremely heavy appliances, giving users no choice but to make them a permanent fixture on kitchen countertops. The Acuma stand mixer is made from plastic and weighs only 10.36 pounds. That makes it a lightweight machine that could be moved with relative ease to storage space after use. Though the plastic interface of the stand mixer may be less appealing to those used to the classic look of higher-end brands, it certainly makes the Acuma an easier device to maneuver. 

Acuma stand mixer

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Acuma stand mixer: Accessories 

As previously mentioned, the Acuma stand mixer is equipped with three interchangeable metal heads to cater to the particular thickness of the ingredients you want to mix. It’s useful that the mixer is packaged with these attachments, as it means the user is free to create lots of different foodstuffs from the minute it arrives and also saves on additional purchases.

However, the supplied attachments are the only equipment compatible with the Acuma stand mixer, making it less versatile than other models, such as the KitchenAid Classic, which can be transformed in its functions by a number of different attachments. This limits the machine to just mixing, whilst other stand mixers can create pasta, process food, or even make ice cream. Disappointingly, these accessories have also not been deemed dishwasher safe by their manufacturer either, making clean up a more complicated process for any users. 

Acuma stand mixer: User Reviews 

The Acuma stand mixer currently has a 4.6-star rating out of five on Amazon from 8,358 user reviews, with it ranking at number two for the best household mixers.

Pleased reviewers commented on the helpfulness of the mixer’s blue LED light with one adding that it was perfect for letting her know when she had forgotten to plug her machine in. The same user was impressed with how easy the mixer was to store away, saying it ‘fits well’ in her cabinets when not in use. Another commented that the Acuma stand mixer ‘does everything a KitchenAid can do - at a third of the price’. 

Some reviews stated that the mixer was only appropriate for family use, as the large bowl used for mixing needs to be adequately filled in order for the contents to mix well, making smaller batches less tenable. Others found the inability to put the attachments for the mixer in the dishwasher an inconvenience too. 

Should you buy the Acuma stand mixer? 

The Acuma stand mixer is undoubtedly a good stand-in for the more well-known branded appliances such as KitchenAid. It has plenty of nifty features, and most importantly, a price tag that won’t break the bank. The power of the Acuma stand mixer is something to be reckoned with too, meaning it’s highly functional even when it comes to more difficult mixes like bread dough.

But if you have a little more cash to spend, you may find that the versatility of the KitchenAid models, with their ability to transform into many different appliances with the help of attachments, may suit your tastes a little better. 

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