Amana central air conditioners review

Amana Central Air Conditioners has one of the best warranties on the market to cover all your air conditioning needs.

Amana Central Air Conditioners Review
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Amana offers powerful central air conditioners with impressive features. They are efficient and affordable units, though be mindful of paying expensive installation costs. However, Amana’s excellent warranties make it a worthwhile investment.


  • +

    Impressive warranties

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    High SEER ratings

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    Excellent customer service


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    High installation costs

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    Requires Amana-specific parts

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Amana HVAC has been an established name in the air conditioning industry since 1954. It is owned by Goodman Brand HVAC, but still produces its own line of products, including reliable air conditioning units. These are generally regarded as being some of the best central air conditioners you can buy.

With eight models in the range, units start at 13 SEER and go all the way up to 24.5 SEER. The top three products (AVXC20, ASXC18 and ASXC16) are equipped with a ComfortNet technology system to help improve full control over the HVAC units for an optimum performance. These useful controls can access the Internet and function with wireless accessories.

Features include a Copeland High-Efficiency Scroll Compressor that runs at two different speeds for energy efficiency, and a CoreSense Diagnostics system providing accurate troubleshooting and quick diagnosis and repairs. This is useful for detecting mechanical issues before they worsen, and if necessary it can shut the system down to prevent damage to the compressor.

Amana air conditioning units also boast quiet operation, reaching about 70.3 decibels. However, there are quieter brands on the market if this is one of your main priorities. 

Built to last, they are durable and robust due to the powder finish on the unit chassis. A downside is the lack of insulation and protective grills around the compressor that may result in breakdowns, and is the prime reason for most user complaints. However, Amana’s customer service ratings are high, and units are still known to last longer than some of their competitors. 

Amana central air conditioners review: Prices

While Amana’s units are reasonably priced, the company is infamous for high installation costs. The starting cost of a 13-14 SEER model would be around $1,290 for the unit alone, but would total around $3,510 with installation. And the top-tier model with the highest 24.5 SEER rating costs around $2,850 for the unit alone, and would cost around $6,800 with installation. While the costs may be high, once people get the unit installed, they are mostly pleased with the investment.

Amana central air conditioners review: Installers 

Unlike other brands, Amana and Goodman do not have their own training or certification program. So it’s advisable to find highly-rated installers who have advanced certifications and experience with Amana products. Goodman recommends that customers and buyers look for technicians with the NATE Certification, which stands for North American Technician Excellence. This certification proves that the technician has the proper training to correctly install your air conditioning unit.

Amana central air conditioners review: Warranty

Amana: Key features

Number of models in range: 8
Top SEER energy efficiency rating: 24.5
Warranty: 10 years (Limited Lifetime Replacement warranty for compressors)
Starting from (unit only): $1310

Amana air conditioning systems are known for having some of the best warranty coverage on the market. They offer a limited lifetime replacement warranty, though it only applies to models with ratings of 16 SEER and higher. This long warranty guarantees that the original purchaser of the model will receive a complete replacement should any problems arise. 

In addition, all parts are covered by a 10-year parts warranty, which is one of the best central air conditioner warranties around. Models with SEER ratings under 16 only have 10-year compressor coverage. Similar to other brands, Amana equipment should be registered within 60 days, or else warranty will only last for five years after the installation is complete.

Amana central air conditioners review: User reviews

The majority of customers have been very impressed with Amana’s performance, particularly the AXSC18 model. Many stated their unit was the most efficient they have come across, and their energy bills were greatly reduced. One user said that while their new unit is the same size as the old one, it puts out twice as much air.  

Affordability was rated highly, with one user saying the “price to features ratio is just unbeatable”. Another big selling point was the offer of lifetime warranties, which have proved handy for customers, and customer service was also praised.

One downside mentioned was that the unit was slightly noisier than those of other brands. But the majority have had no complaints regarding their unit, and have gone more than 15 years without being forced to spend a lot of money on it again.

Should you buy Amana central air conditioners?

Amana air conditioning units are reliable, affordable and robust. They also boast some impressive features to enhance overall performance.

While the units are reasonably priced, be prepared to pay expensive installation costs. A saving grace is the fact that the top models have higher SEER ratings, which are more energy-efficient and will help to reduce your bills. In fact, Amana central air conditioners are best suited for those living in hotter climates because of such high SEER ratings.

Although they are built with robust and durable bodies that can last longer than other brands, the lack of insulation or protective grills around the compressor may result in damage or breakdowns. However, with Amana’s lifelong warranty coverage and excellent customer care, any issues can be resolved quickly. 

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Networx helps you find the perfect company or contractor for all your air conditioning needs. Use them to get the best quotes from companies that serve your area.

Networx helps you find the perfect company or contractor for all your air conditioning needs. Use them to get the best quotes from companies that serve your area.

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