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American Standard central air conditioners review

The most efficient, quiet and reasonably priced on the market, American Standard Central Air Conditioners boast an impressive spec sheet.

5 Star Rating
American Standard central air conditioners review
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The American Standard central air conditioners are powerful with high SEER energy ratings suitable for many residential homes. For its reasonable price, it boasts impressive features, and one of the quieter brands on the market.


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    Quiet units

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    Durable and well engineered


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    High installation costs

  • -

    Propriety spare parts take longer

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American Standard has been a reputable leading brand in the HVAC industry for over 130 years. It manufactures a variety of high-quality central air conditioning units, with different configurations to suit every need. Boasting advanced features, American Standard air conditioners operate by an electrical control system that helps to improve the overall functionality of the furnace with more precision. 

The company offers three series. The premium Platinum range consists of two models, Platinum 20 and Platinum 18 – these are the more energy-efficient. Units range in efficiency level from standard 14 SEER reaching up to 22 SEER. American Standard has one of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, handy for saving on those electricity bills.

As the units are equipped with an Aero Quiet II System, sound levels are super quiet, making American Standard one of the quietest brands around. With a low noise level of 70 decibels, this is ideal for those living in peaceful neighborhoods!

American Standard’s air conditioners are well known for their compact size, and ability to perform and survive under harsh weather. This makes them ideal for mobile homes.

While there are cheaper brands among the best central air conditioners on the market, American Standard offers the best overall efficiency, an impressive array of features, and a unit lifespan of about 18-25 years.

American Standard central air conditioners review: Price

Although unit prices are reasonable, installation fees are high, ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. For a standard 13 SEER unit (American Standard Silver 13) you could expect to pay around $1,345 for the unit alone and around $2,450 in installation costs, while the 20-22 SEER (AccuComfort Platinum 20) unit costs around $2,350 and incurs around $4,175 in installation costs. Bear in mind that it’s worth getting different quotes from multiple licensed contractors, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. 

American Standard Air Conditioners review: Installers 

Since American Standard is a sister company of the Trane brand, local contractors can become qualified technicians under the Trane brand name through their own certification test. This means it's worth trying to find a reliable, certified contractor who is qualified to work on an American Standard air conditioning system. They will have the requisite knowledge and experience.

American Standard: Key features

Models in range: 7
Top SEER energy efficiency rating: 
10 years (12 years on some models)
Starting from (unit only):

American Standard central air conditioners review: Warranty 

Providing you register for your American Standard warranty within 60 days of the installation you’ll get a competitive warranty for your air conditioning unit. The American Standard comes with 12 years on the compressors in certain units, and 10-year warranties for others. This covers the outdoor coil, internal functional parts, furnaces heat exchangers and heat pumps compressors. 

American Standard central air conditioners review: User Reviews

According to reviews, American Standard central air conditioners reliably provide the best performance, quality and durability. Many homeowners have had their system installed for a long time without experiencing major issues. One landlord stated he has used American Standard for all of his rental homes, and has not had any complaints. One user went as far to say, “American Standard is the best in its class hands down.”

Customers praised how quiet the units are during operation, while others noticed a significant reduction in their utility bills, thanks to its energy efficiency.

On the downside, there have been a few reported problems of needing to change the compressor with the unit having been installed for just two years. Another reported problem occurred when the spare parts took a long time to source, delaying the repair. 

However, if a qualified technician installs the unit correctly, and it is used appropriately, it is unlikely to break down. 

Should you buy an American Standard central air conditioner?

If you’re looking for a reliable and energy-efficient central air conditioning unit, this is the best overall brand. As an already established name in the market, American Standard offers a variety of air conditioners with different specifications. And since American Standard and Trane are sister companies, you are guaranteed premium quality. 

Despite their compact size, the American Standard air conditioners are known to cool the whole house evenly, especially in extremely hot conditions. It also offers some of the most energy-efficient units on the market, saving you money on utility bills, and produces some of the quietest central air conditioning units on the market, ensuring you won’t disturb your neighbours! 

The downsides are that installation costs are extremely high compared to other brands, and propriety parts can take longer to source. However, its durability and top performance will make it unlikely to break down, making it good value for money.

Best Value: Lending Tree

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